The 31st Of Febuary Street/Take Me High (MC) None
Made In Indonesia
A: The Leaving/Travellin Light/There You Go Again/Nothing To Remind Me/Our Love Could
Be So Real/No Matter What/Fireside Song/Going Away/Long Long Time.
B: It's Only Money/Midnight Blue/Why (With Antony Andrews)/Life/Driving/The Game/
Brumburger Duet (With Debbie Watling)/Take Me High/Winning/The World Is Love/
Brumburger (Finale). Contessa Label
The Cliff Richard Story TC-CSM255/TC-CSM260 World Records (6 Cassette's)
Made In United Kindom
Cassette One: TC-CSM 255 
A: Move It/High Class Baby/Livin Lovin Doll/Never Mind/Mean Streak/
Living Doll/Travellin Light/A Voice In The Wilderness.
B: Love/Shrine On The Second Floor/Fall In Love With You/
Willie & The Hand Jive/Please Don't Tease/Apache (The Shadows)/
Nine Times Out Of Ten. WRC Label 
Cassette Two: TC-CSM 256 
A: Man Of Mystery (The Shadows)/I Love You/FBI (Shadows)/
Theme For A Dream/Gee Whiz It's You/The Frightened City(Shadows)/
A Girl Like You/Kon Tiki (Shadows).
B: When The Girl In Your Arms/The Savage (Shadows)/The Young Ones/
Lessons In Love/We Say Yeah/Wonderful Land (Shadows) WRC Label 
Cassette Three: TC-CSM 257 
A: Do You Want To Dance/I'm Lookin Out The Window/Guitar Tango 
(Shadows)/It'll Be Me/The Next time/Bachelor Boy/Dance On (Shadows)/
Summer Holiday.
B: Foot Tapper (Shadows)/All At Once/Dancing Shoes/Lucky Lips/
Atlantis (Shadows)/It's All In The Game.
WRC Label 
Cassette Four: TC-CSM 258 
A: Don't Talk To Him/Geronimo (Shadows)/I'm The Lonely One/
Theme For Young Lovers (Shadows)/Constantly/Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt 
(Shadows)/On The Beach.
B: Wonderful Life/The 12th Of Never/I Could Easily Fall In Love With You/
Genie With The Light Brown Lamp (Shadows)/Mary Anne (Shadows)/
The Minute Your Gone/On My Word. WRC Label 
Cassette Five: TC-CSM 259 
A: Stingray (Shadows)/Don't Make My Baby Blue (Shadows)/Wind Me Up/
The War Lord (Shadows)/Blue Turns To Grey/Visions/Time Drags By.
B: Finders Keepers/In The Country/It's All Over/The Day I Met Marie/
All My Love/Congratulations/Good Times Better Times.
WRC Label 
Cassette Six: TC-CSM 260 
A: Big Ship/Throw Down A Line/With The Eyes Of A Child/Goodbye Sam
Hello Samantha/The Joy Of Living/Annabella Umbrella/Flying Machine.
B: Sing A Song Of Freedom/Living In Harmony/A Brand New Song/
Power To All Our Friends/Help It Along/Tomorrow Is Rising/
Take Me High. WRC Label 
The Definitive Film (MC) 7919614
Made In Germany
A: Living Doll/Love/Voice In The Wilderness/Shrine On The Second Floor/The Young Ones/
When The Girl In Your Arms/We Say Yeah/Lessons In Love.
B: Got A Funny Feeling/Summer Holiday/The Next Time/Dancing Shoes/Bachelor Boy/
All At Once/Big News/Wonderful Life. EMI Label
The EP Collection: Ballads & Love Songs (MC) SEEK280
Made In United Kingdom
A: Look In My Eyes Maria/If I Give My Heart To You/Maria/Secret Love/
Love Letters/I Only Have Eyes For You/All I Do Is Dream Of You/When I Grow Too Old To Dream/My Heart Is An Open Book/Boom Boom (That's How My Heart Beats).
B: Moonlight Bay/A Forever Kind Of Love/La Mer/J'Attendrai/The Shrine On
The Second Floor/Where The Four Winds Blow/Solitary Man/Things We Said Today/Carnival/Little Rag Doll. See For Mil Label
The Hit List (MC) 7243 830917 44
Made In United Kingdom
A1: Move It/Living Doll/Travellin´Light/A Voice In The Wilderness/Fall In Love With You/Please Don't Tease/Nine Times Out Of Ten/I Love You/Theme For A Dream/Gee Whizz It's You.
A2: A Girl Like You/When The Girl In Your Arms/The Young Ones/Do You Want To Dance/It'll Be Me/The Next Time/Bachelor Boy/Summer Holiday/Lucky Lips/
It's All In The Game.
B1: Don't Talk To Him/Constantly/The Minute You're Gone/Wind Me Up
(Let Me Go)/Congratulations/Power To All Our Friends/We Don't Talk Anymore/
Carrie/Wired For Sound/Daddy's Home.
B2: Some People/Mistletoe & Wine/The Best Of Me/I Just Don't Have The Heart/Saviour's Day/Miss You Nights/Green Light. EMI Label
The Love Songs Of Cliff Richard (MC) FFMC840
Made In United Kingdom
A: When The Girl In Your Arms/Miss You Nights/Ocean Deep/Daddy's Home/
From A Distance/The Only Way Out/A Little In Love.
B: She's So Beautiful/I Can't Ask For Anymore Than You/Keep Me Warm/
True Love Ways/Please Don´t Fall In Love/Lean On You/The Best Of Me. 
EMI Label
Cassette set
The Music And Life Of Cliff Richard TC-EXSP1601 6 Cassette Set
Made In United Kingdom
Cassette One: 
A: School boy Crush/Move It/High Class Baby/Livin Lovin Doll/Mean Streak/
Living Doll/Travellin Light/A Voice In The Wilderness.
B: Saturday Dance (The Shadows)/Apache (The Shadows)/Be Bop A Lula
(The Drifters)/Willie & The Hand Jive/Fall In Love With You/She's Gone/
Please Don't Tease/Chinchilla (The Drifters)/Mad About You/Love.
Cassette Two: 
A: The Shrine On The Second Floor/Nine Times Out Of Ten/
Working After School/Evergreen Tree/I Love You/Theme For A Dream/
A Girl Like You/Without You/When The Girl In Your Arms.
B: The Young Ones/All For One/I'm Lookin Out The Window/Do You Want To Dance/It'll Be Me/Spanish Harlem/Kon Tiki (The Shadows)/When My Dream Boat Comes Home/The Next Time.
Cassette Three: 
A: Bachelor Boy/Summer Holiday/Dancing Shoes/Lucky Lips/It's All In The Game/Maria No Mas/Don't Talk To Him/I'm The Lonely One/Constantly/
Wonderful Life.
B: On The Beach/A Matter Of Moments/The 12th Of Never/I Could Easily Fall/
The Minute Your Gone/On My Word/Good Golly Miss Molly/The Time In Between.
Cassette Four: 
A: Casa Senza Finestre/Wind Me Up/Jesus/23rd Psalm/Good News/
Blue Turns To Grey/Through The Eye Of A Needle/Visions/Time Drags By.
B: Why Wasn't I Born Rich/In The Country/It's All Over/Good Vibrations
(The Beach Boys)/Finders Keepers/Dynamite/Dizzy Miss Lizzy/Baby it's You.
Cassette Five: 
A: I'll Come Runnin/The Day I Met Marie/Congratulations/Early In The Morning/Lets Make A Memory/Marianne/Two A Penny/I'll Love You Forever Today/Big Ship/Always.
B: Throw Down A Line/With The Eyes Of A Child/The Joy Of Living/Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha/If Not For You (Olivia Newton John)/Sunny Honey Girl/
Don't Move Away/I Aint Got Time Anymore.
Cassette Six: 
A: As I Walk Into The Morning Of Your Life/Where Is That Man/
Living In Harmony/Silvery Rain/Flying Machine/Sing A Song Of Freedom/
Step Inside Love (Cilla Black)/Jesus.
B: The New 23rd/A Brand New Song/Power To All Our Friends/Take Me High/
Help It Along/The Joy Of Living/You Keep Me Hangin On/It's Only Me You've Left Behind.
This cassette set is included as it contains a version of Living Doll  from the soundtrack of the  film "Serious Charge", which is a different version to the single release. This 6 cassette set comes in a presentation box with poster and the sound track is narrated by Cliff Richard, similar to a Radio Show.
The Only Way Out (MC) P-3918
A: The Only Way Out/The Water Is Wide/Carrie/Son Of Thunder/It Has To Be You
It Has To Be Me.
B: Where Do We Go From Here/Little Town/Discovering/Constantly/I Could Eadily Fall/
The Day I Met Marie. EMI Label
The Rock 'n' Roll Years 1958-1963 (CD) 8 57881 2/4
Made In United Kingdom
1958-1959 (MC) 8 57882 4
A: Schoolboy Crush/High Class Baby/My Feet Hit The Ground/Don't Bug Me Baby (Studio Mix)/
King Creole/TV Hop/Rockin' Robin/I'll Try/High School Confidential/Early In The Morning/
Somebody Touched Me/Livin' Lovin' Doll/Mean Streak/Never Mind/Steady With You/My Babe.
B: Move It/That'll Be The Day (Live Stereo Version)/Danny (Live Stereo Version)/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (Live Stereo Version)/One Night (Live Mono Outtake)/Apron Strings/Dynamite/
I Gotta Know (Alternate Stereo EP Version)/The Snake & The Bookworm (Alternate Stereo EP Version)/Here Comes Summer/Twenty Flight Rock/Blue Suede Shoes.
1960-1961 (MC) 8 57883 4
A: Mean Woman Blues/Pointed Toe Shoes/I'm Walkin'/Don't Be Mad At Me/Willie & The Hand Jive (Original Undubbed Version)/Nine Times Out Of Ten (Incomplete Take Plus Stereo)/Thinking Of Our Love/Evergreen Tree/She's Gone/Tell Me/Where Is My Heart/Lamp Of Love/I'm Gonna Get You/
I Cannot Find A True Love/Working After School.
B: You And I/I'm Willing To Learn/We Have It Made/Choppin' 'n' Changin'/It's You/I Love You (Alternate Take Featuring False Start)/D' In Love/Catch Me (Original Undubbed Version)/
Now's The Time To Fall In Love (Original Undubbed Version)/True Love Will Come To You/
First Lesson In Love/I Want You To Know (Alternate Stereo Take)/Blue Moon.
1961-1962 (MC) 8 57884 4
A: Tough Enough/Mumblin' Mosie/Fifty Tears For Every Kiss/Unchained Melody/What'd I Say/
Forty Days/Without You/Shame On You/Spanish Harlem/Do You Remember (Unreleased Alternate Version)/I'm Looking Out The Window/You Don't Know/Take Special Care (Unreleased Fast Version)/
Do You Wanna Dance (Rehearsal Take).
B: Do You Wanna Dance (Alternate)/Do You Wanna Dance (Undubbed Master)/Do You Wanna Dance/Since I Lost You/Dim, Dim The Lights (Live)/Save My Soul (Live)/I'm Walkin' The Blues/
Summer Holiday (Original Undubbed Version)/The Next Time (Original Undubbed Version)/
Blueberry Hill/A Forever Kind Of Love/Razzle Dazzle/Reelin' & Rockin'/It's All In The Game (Alternate Take).
1958-1963 (MC) 8 57885 4
A: Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Private Recording)/Breathless (Private Recording)/Twenty Flight Rock (Live)/
Jailhouse Rock (Live)/Money Honey (Live)/Heartbreak Hotel (Live)/Turn Me Loose (Live)/
Who's Gonna Take You Home (Acetate)/Let's Stick Together (Acetate)/What'd I Say (Alternate South African 78rpm Single)/Forty Days (Radio Luxembourg).
B: Got A Funny Feeling (Radio Luxembourg)/Rosalie (Come Back To Me)(Radio Luxembourg)/
Me & My Shadows (Radio Luxembourg Show Closing)/Lessons In Love (Solo Version)/We Say Yeah (Undubbed Film Version)/Hang Up Your Rock & Roll Shoes (1963 Radio)/Dancing Shoes
(1963 Radio)/It'll Be Me ('63 Radio)/Summer Holiday Advertising EP (US Radio Promotional Disc)/Cliff's Personal
Message To You ('Serenade' Flexi-Disc Recording)EMI Label
The Rock Connection (MC) 851850
Made In Unknown
A: Heart User/Willie & The Hand Jive/Lovers & Friends/Never Be
Anyone Else But You/La Gonave/Over You/Shooting From The Heart.
B: Learning How To Rock & Roll/Lucille/Be Bop A Lula/Donna/Dynamite/
She Means Nothing To Me/Makin History. EMI Label

(EJ 26 0309 4)
TC-EMC 260309
The Rock 'n' Roll Era Cliff Richard 1958-1963 (MC) RRT-G08 840 266-4
Made In Germany
A: Living Doll/Move It/Do You Want To Dance/Fall In Love With You/Voice In The Wilderness/
Travellin Light/The Young Ones/ High Class Baby/A Girl Like You/Mean Streak/Please Don't Tease/I Love You .
B: The Next Time/When The Girl In Your Arms In The Girl In Your Heart/Gee Whiz It's You/
Nine Times Out Of Ten/Lucky Lips/Bachelor Boy/It's All In The Game/It'll Be Me/Theme For A Dream/I'm Looking Out The Window/Don't Talk To Him/Summer Holiday . 
Book Club/Mail Order. Time Life Music
The Rock N Roll Years (MC) 8 59309 4
Made In United Kingdom
A: Lawdy Miss Clawdy/Move It/20 Flight Rock/High Class Baby/My Feet Hit
The Ground/Livin' Lovin' Doll/Blue Suede Shoes/We Say Yeah/Mean Streak/
Nine Times Out Of Ten/That'll Be The Day/Choppin 'n' Changin/Do You Want
To Dance/Dancing Shoes.
B: Dynamite/What'd I Say/Without You/Mean Woman Blues/Oh Boy! Medley (King Creole/TV Hop/Rockin' Robin)/Don't Bug Me Baby/No Turning Back/
Whole Lotta' Shakin' Goin' On/I'm Walkin'/Willie & The Hand Jive/Bluebery Hill/Please Don't Tease. EMI Label
The Winner (MC) ALC 020
Made In United Kingdom
A: The Winner/Wild Geese/Such Is The Mystery/Reunion Of The Heart/
Discovering/More To Life.
B: Peace In Our Time/Under The Gun/Yesterday, Today, Forever/
Where You Are/Fighter - Thief In The Night/From A Distance. EMI Label
The Whole Story (MC) 7243 529322 45
Made In EU
A: Move it/Living Doll/Travellin Light/Please Don't Tease/I Love You/
The Young Ones/It'll Be Me/Do You Wanna Dance/The Next Time/
Bachelor Boy/Summer Holiday/It's All In The Game/Don't Talk To Him.
B: Constantly/On The Beach/I Could Easily Fall/The Minute You're Gone/ Visions/In the Country/The Day I Met Marie/Power To All Our Friends/
Miss You Nights/Devil Woman/My Kinda Life/We Don't Talk Anymore/
Carrie/Dreamin'. EMI Label
The Whole Story (MC) 7243 529322 45
Made In EU
A: Wired For Sound/Daddy's Home/The Only Way Out/True Love Ways/
Please Don't Fall In Love/She's So Beautiful/My Pretty One/Some People.
B: Mistletoe & Wine/The Best Of Me/I Just Don't Have The Heart/Silhouettes/
From A Distance/Saviour's Day/I Still Believe In You/ Peace In Our Time/
Be With Me Always/Can't Keep This Feeling In/The Millennium Prayer. EMI Label
The Wonderful World Of Cliff Richard & The Shadows (MC) YDG 45807 
Made In EU
A: Move It/High Class Baby/Apache (Shadows)/Never Mind/
Mean Streak/Man Of Mystery (Shadows)/Dynamite/Livin' Lovin' Doll/
The Frightened City (Shadows)/Apron Strings/Livin' Doll/Kon-Tiki 
(Shadows)/Nine Times Out Of Ten.
B: Please Don't Tease/FBI (Shadows)/D In Love/Gee Whiz It's You/
The Savage (Shadows)/The Young Ones/Do You Want To Dance/
Guitar Tango (Shadows)/It'll Be Me/We Say Yeah/Dance On (Shadows)/
Forty Days. Remember series Label 
The Young Ones 20 Golden Hits (MC) 5 21478 4
Made In Malaysia
A: Congratulations/Early In The Morning/The Young Ones/Visions/Summer Holiday/Evergreen Tree/I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You)/Constantly/Living Doll/All My Love/Dreamin'.
B: Daddy's Home/We Don't Talk Anymore/Devil Woman/Ocean Deep/Carrie/A Little In Love/
Don't Talk To Him/It's All In The Game/Miss You Nights. EMI Label
The Young Ones (MC) TC-EMS1008
Made In Unknown
A: Friday Night/Got A Funny Feeling/Peace Pipe (Shadows)/Nothings's Impossible/The Young Ones/All For One/Lesson In Love.
B: No One For Me But Nicki/What Do You Know We've Got A Show (VAUDEVILLE ROUTINE: Have A Smile For Everyone You Meet/Tinkle, Tinkle,
Tinkle/The Eccentric/Algy The Piccadilly Jonnny/Captain Ginjah/Joshuah/
Where Did You Get That Hat?/What D'You Know, We've Got A Show/Living Doll/
When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In You Heart/(Mambo: Just Dance/
Mood Mambo)/The Savage (Shadows)/We Say Yeah. EMI Label


Together With Cliff Richard (MC) TCEMD 1028
Made In United Kingdom
A: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas/Venite (O Come All Ye Faithful)/
We Should Be Together/Mistletoe And Wine/Christmas Never Comes/
Christmas Alphabet.
B: Saviour's Day/The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)/
Little Town/Scarlet Ribbons/Silent Night/White Christmas/This New Year. 
EMI Label
Two's Company (MC) 0094637707241
Made In Indonesia
A: Move It [Brian May & Brian Bennett]/Anyone Who Had A Heart [Dionne Warwick]/
Miss You Nights [G4]/Yesterday Once More [Daniel O'Donnell]/She Means Nothing To Me
[Phil Everly]/All I Ask Of You [Sarah Brightman]/Let There Be Love [Matt Monro].
B: Throw Down A Line [Hank Marvin]/Fields Of Gold [Barry Gibb]/Up Where We Belong
[Ann Murray]/Slow Rivers [Elton John]/Suddenly [Olivia Newton John]/Danny Boy [Helmut Lotti]/Reunited [Lulu]. EMI Label
Walking In The Light (MC) MC 1176
Made In United Kingdom
A: Better Than I Know Myself/Such Is The Mystery/Every Face Tells A Story (Never Tells A Lie)/Love And A Helping Hand/You Got Me Wondering/
Walking In The Light.
B: Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/Under The Influence/
Lost In A Lonely World/You Me & Jesus/ Summer Rain/Thief In The Night. 
Myrrh Label
Walking In The Light (MC) ALC 024
Made In United Kingdom
A: Better Than I Know Myself/Such Is The Mystery/Every Face Tells A Story (Never Tells A Lie)/Love And A Helping Hand/You Got Me Wondering/
Walking In The Light.
B: Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/Under The Influence/
Lost In A Lonely World/You Me & Jesus/ Summer Rain/Thief In The Night. 
Allianc Label
We Don't Talk Anymore (MC) IMD-6485 
Made In Saudi Arabian
A: We Don't Talk Anymore/Hot Shot/Sci Fi/Fallin In Luv/Carrie/
Language Of Love. 
B: Monday Thru Friday/Doin Fine/Cities May Fall/You Know That
I Love You/My Luck Won't Change/ Rock 'n' Roll Juvenile. IMD Label
We Don't Talk Anymore (MC) AF 876
Made In Unknown
A: We Don't Talk Anymore/Sci Fi/Fallin In Luv/Carrie/Hot Shot/
Language Of Love. 
B: When I Survet The Wondrous Cross/Monday Thru Friday/Doin Fine/
Cities May Fall/You Know That I Love You/My Luck Won't Change/
Rock 'n' Roll Juvenile. 
Wired For Sound (MC) TC-FA3159 <
Made In United Kingdom
A: Wired For Sound/Once In A While/Better Than I Know Myself/
Oh No Don't Let Go/'Cos I Love That Rock 'n' Roll. 
B: Broken Doll/Lost In A Lonely World/Summer Rain/Young Love/
Say You Don't Mind/Daddy's Home. EMI Label
Saudi Arabian






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