The Shadows
2 Classic Albums Plus Bonus EP's And Singles
Made In EEC 4 CD Click on the big photos
6  Classic Albums 7  Classic Albums Singles & EP 8 Classic Albums
20 Classic Tracks (CD) 8-52885- 24
Made In United Kingdom  Wonderful Land/Guitar Tango/Kon Tiki/FBI/
Apache/Geronimo/Atlantis/The savage/The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/
Foot Tapper/Dance On/Stingray/Man Of Mystery/Theme For Young Lovers/Don't Make My Baby Blue/Chattanooga Choo Choo/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Theme From The Deer Hunter/Zambesi. EMI Label exclusive only to Boots Department stores
20 Golden Greats (CD) CDP 7-46243-2
Made In Netherland Apache/Man of Mystery/The Frightened City/
Guitar Tango/Kon Tiki/Foot Tapper/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/
The Warlord/A Place In The Sun/Atlantis/Wonderful Land/FBI/The Savage/Geronimo/Shindig/Stingray/Theme For Young Lovers/
Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Maroc 7/Dance On. EMI Label 
3rd August 1987. 
Also available in Japan (CD) CP32 9008  EMI Toshiba Label
20 Rock And Roll Hits (CD) 8 33428-2
Made In Netherland  Feelin Fine/Don't Be A Fool With Love/Driftin/
Jet Black/Saturday Dance/Lonesome Fella/Chinchilla/The Stranger/
Quatermassers Stores/Be Bop A Lula/Apache/Man Of Mystery/FBI/
36-24-36/The Savage/Shadoogie/Baby My Heart/The Rumble/
Round & Round/Dance On. EMI Label
21 Black Jack (CD) 724358 10992-4
Made In Mexico Apache/Wonderful Land/Dance On/Peace Pipe/
Man Of Mystery/FBI/The Stranger/Midnight/Kon-Tiki/Sleepwalk/
Shadoogie/Guitar Tango/Mustang/The Frightened City/Perfidia/Atlantis/
Riders In The Sky/Chattanooga choo choo/Theme For The Young Lovers/
Geronimo/Theme From The Deerhunter (Cavatina). EMI  Label
25 Golden Greats (CD) 746243-3
Made In Ukraine Apache/Man Of Mystery/The Frightened City/
Guitar Tango/Kon-Tiki/Foot Tapper/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/
The Warlord/A Place In The Sun/Atlantis/Wonderful Land/FBI/The Savage/
Geronimo/Shindig/Stingray/Theme For Young Lovers/Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Maroc 7/Dance On. EMI Label
30 All Time Greatest Hits (CD) 8 14898 2 6
Made In Australia  Apache/Man Of Mystery/The Stranger/FBI/
Midnight/The Frightened City/Kon-Tiki/36-24-36/The Savage/
Wonderful Land/Sleepwalk/Guitar Tango/ Dance On/Foot Tapper/
Atlantis/The Boys/Shindig/Geronimo/Shazam/Theme For Young Lovers/
The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/It's A Mans World/Rhythm & Greens/
Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/Mary-Anne/Stingray/Don't Make My Baby Blue/The Warlord/A Place In The Sun/INTRODUCING MAROC 7/
Maroc 7 EMI Label
40 Exitos Edicion Limitada (CD) 094634088923
Made In Mexico
Disc. 1: Dance On/Wonderful Land/Apache/Man Of Mystery/Shadoogie/
Sleepwalk/F.B.I/Nivram/The Savage/Blue Shadows/The Stranger/
The Frightened City/Foot Tapper/Kon-Tiki/Guitar Tango/The Boys/Midnight/
Geronimo/The Main Theme From Rhythm & Greens/Theme From Young Lovers.
Disc. 2: See You In My Drums/Riders In The Sky/Peace Pipe/Perfidia/Mustang/
Blue Star/The Rumble/Some Are Lonely/Shindig/The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/
Saturday Dance/Atlantis/Bongo Blues/Don't Make My Baby Blue/Chinchilla/
I Want You To Want Me/Ranka-Chank/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/
Something/Rodrigo's Guitar Concerto De Aranjuez. EMI Label
50 Golden Greats  (CD) 5 27586 2
Made In EEU
Disc. 1: Apache/Man Of Mystery/The Stranger/FBI/Midnight/The Frightened City/
Kon-Tiki/The Savage/Shadoogie/Wonderful Land/Sleeepwalk/Guitar Tango/The Boys/Dance On/Foot Tapper/ Atlantis/Shindig/Geronimo/Theme For Young Lovers/
Perfidia/Mustang/Cosy/Nivram/Little B/The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Rhythm And Greens/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp.
Disc. 2:  Mary-Anne/Stingray/Don't Make My Baby Blue/War Lord/Thunderbirds Theme/I Met A Girl/A Place In The Sun/The Dreams I Dream/Maroc 7/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Something/Let Me Be The One/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/
Theme From The Deer Hunter (Cavatina)/Rodrigo's Guitar Concerto De Aranjuez/Riders In The Sky/God Only Knows/Going Home/Albatross/Night In White Satin/Whiter Shade Of Pale/Imagine-Woman/Memory.
 31st July 2000. 
Also available in Russia (CD) ND-685/6 ??? Label
A Portrait of The Shadows (CD) CHC 7096
Made In Germany Apache/The Frightened City/Guitar Tango/Kon Tiki/
Foot Tapper/Atlantis/Perfidia/Shazam/Sleepwalk/Wonderful Land/FBI/
Geronimo/Shindig/Theme for Young Lovers/Dance on/Bongo Blues. 
Castle Communications Label 
A's B's & EP's (CD) 5 83110 2
Made In United Kingdom The Frightened City/Kon Tiki/Peace Pipe/
The Savage/Wonderful Land/Midnight/Dance On/All Day/Guitar Tango/
Shadoogie/Nivram/Baby My Heart/See You In My Drums/Foot Tapper/
Shindig/It's Been A Blue Day/Sleepwalk/Theme From A Filleted Place/
1861/Perfidia/Geronimo/Shazam/Theme For Young Lover/This Hammer.
EMI Gold Label  
A's B's & EP's (CD) EMI 7243-5831102
Made In ECC The Frightened City/Kon Tiki/Peace Pipe/The Savage/
Wonderful Land/Midnight/Dance On/All Day/Guitar Tango/Shadoogie/
Nivram/Baby My Heart/See You In My Drums/Foot Tapper/Shindig/
It's Been A Blue Day/Sleepwalk/Theme From A Filleted Place/1861/
Perfidia/Geronimo/Shazam/Theme For Young Lover/This Hammer 
EMI Records Release 5th May 2003.
Also available in Japan (CD) TOCP 53382 EMI Label
All The Best  (CD) 7 231808 2
Made In EEC
Disc. 1: Apache/Man Of Mystery/The Stranger/F.B.I/Midnight/The Frightened City/
Kon-Kiki/36-24-36/The Savage/Peace Pipe/Shadoogie/Quartermasters Stores/
Wonderful Land/Sleepwalk/Guitar Tango/The Boys/Dance On/Foot Tapper/Atlantis/Shindig.
Disc. 2: The Theme Form The Deer Hunter (Carvatina)/Midnight Cowboys/Mustang/
Cosy/Nivram/Little B/The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Rhythm & Greens/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/Mary-Anne/Stingray/Don't Make My Baby Blue/The Warloard/
I Met A Girl/A Place In The Sun/The Dreams I Dream/Maroc 7/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/
Turn Around & Touch Me/Jungle Jam. EMI Records
An Evening With The Shadows (CD) MMTCD 2224
Made In South Africa Wonderful Land/Guitar Tango/Walk Of Life/
Whiter Shade Of Pale/Chariots Of Five,Chi Mai/Strawberry Fields Forever/Mountains Of The Moon/Dancing In The Dark/Every Breath You Take/Hey Jude/Memory/Just The Way You Are/If You Leave Me Now/
Up Where We Belong/Going Home/I Just Called To Say I Love You.
Another 20 Golden Greats (CD) CDP 166136
Made In Australia  Black Is Black/Riders In The Sky/Sacha/Stardust/
Nivram/Find Me A Golden Street/Brazil/The Lonely Bull/In The Mood/
Deep Purple/The Stranger/Quatermasters Stores/Bombay Duck/
My Grandfathers Clock/Good Vibrations/God Only Knows/Pin Ball Wizard/See Me Feel Me/San Francisco/Shadoogie/The Miracle. 
EMI Label
Another 20 Golden Greats (CD) EMI 8295502
Made In Australia  Black Is Black/Riders in the Sky/Sacha/Stardust/
Nivram/Find Me A Golden Street/Brazil/The Lonely Bull/In The Mood/
Deep Purple/The Stranger/Quatermasters Stores/Bombay Duck/
My Grandfathers Clock/Good Vibrations/God Only Knows/Pin Ball Wizard/See Me Feel Me/San Francisco/ Shadoogie/The Miracle. 
Another String Of Hot Hits & More (CD) MFP 6002/CDB 7-52005-2
Made In United Kingdom
 Wonderful Land/Atlantis/Black Is Black/
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road/River Deep Mountain High/Midnight Cowboy/
Pin Ball Wizard-See Me Feel Me/God Only Knows/Stardust/Walk Don't Run/
The Most Beautiful Girl/Good Vibrations/Something/Superstar/Trains & Boats
& Planes/Honky Tonk Woman/FBI/Kon Tiki MFP Label  
September 1987. 
Also available in South Africa (CD) xxxxxx xxxxx Label
At Their Best (CD) 8712155112324
Made In Netherland Apache Intro/Riders In The Sky/Frightened City/
Kon Tiki/Dance On/Nivram/Lady Of The Morning/Guitar Tango/
Sleepwalk/Shazam/Don’t Cry For Me Argentina/Flingel Bunt/Atlantis/
Foot Tapper/The Day I Met Marie/Summer Holiday/Little B/Wonderful Land/FBI/Apache. Music Sessions Label
At Their Very Best (CD) 8-41520-2
Made In Germany Apache/Man Of Mystery/Shindig/Wonderful Land/
Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Theme From The Deer Hunter/The Boys/
The Frightened City/Theme For Young Lovers/Dance on/The Savage/
FBI/Guitar Tango/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/Atlantis/
Foot Tapper/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Kon Tiki/Geronimo/
The Stranger. Polydor Label  
Also available in South Korea (CD) xxxxxxxxxx Polydor Label
Also available in France (CD) TCD2415 Telstar Label
Basi Musicali (Lead, Rhythm, Bas Guitars) (CD) 1-70696-2
Made In France Lead Guitar: Apache/Dance On/Guitar Tango/
Kon Tiki/Atlantis/FBI/Wonderful Land/36-24-36/Man Of Mystery.
Rhythm Guitar: Apache/Dance On/Guitar Tango/Kon Tiki/Atlantis/
FBI/Wonderful Land/36-24-36/Man Of Mystery Bas Guitar: Apache/
Dance On/Guitar Tango/Kon Tiki/Atlantis/FBI/Wonderful Land/
36-24-36/Man Of Mystery. Alta Marea Label
Best Band From Great Britain (CD) 5099923237223
Made In Mexico Apache/Bongo Blues/Man Of Mystery/F.B.I/Sleepwalk/
Shadoogie/The Savage/Dance On/See You In My Drums/Wonderful Land/
The Theme From The Boys/Shindig/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/
Maroc/Foot Tapper. EMI Records
Best Hits (CD) FECP 30302
Made In Japan Spring Is Nearly Here/Man Of Mystery/Nivram/Apache/
Blue Star/The High & The Mighty/Kon Tiki/FBI/Bossa Roo/The Savage/
Guitar Tango/Thunderbirds Theme/Geronimo/Dance On/Shindig/
Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Shazam/Bombay Duck/Omoide No Nagisa/
Kimi Yo Itsumademo. EMI The CD Club Label 
Blue Star The Shadows (CD) 1572352
Made In Australia Walk Don't Run/Cavatina/High And The Mighty/
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road/Sleepwalk/Blue Star/Zambesi/Argentina/
Maria Elena/Winchester Cathedral/South Of The Border/Perfidia/
The Lonely Bull/Bo Diddley.  EMI Label 
Boxing The Shadows 1980-1990 (11 CDs - Amazon Exclusive Edition)
Boxing The Shadows 1980 - 1990 (CD) SHADSBOX01X
Made In United Kingdom
'Change Of Address' Disc. 1: Mozart Forte/Midnight Creepin'/Change Of Address/Just The Way You Are/
Indigo/Arty's Party/Outdigo/Hello Mr. W.A.M./Temptation/Albatross/If You Leave Me Now/Equinoxe (Part V).
'Hits Right Up Your Street Disc. 2: Telstar/Chi Mai (Theme From "The Life And Times Of David Lloyd George")/
We Don't Talk Anymore/Imagine-Woman/Hats Off To Wally/One Day I'll Fly Away/
Summer Love '59/Misty/This Ole House/The Winner Takes It All/Sailing/Thing - Me/
More Than I Can Say/Cowboy Café/The Third Man/Nut Rocker/The Fourth Man.
'Life In The Jungle' Disc.3: Life In The Jungle/High Noon/The Theme From "Missing"/Treat Me Nice/
Cat 'N' Mouse/Chariots Of Fire/No Dancing!/Riders Of The Range/The Old Romantics/
You Rescue Me/Lili Marlene/Raunchy/Spot The Ball/The Shady Lady.
'Live At Abbey Road Disc. 4: The Third Man/Thing - Me/Runaway/All I Have To Do Is Dream/It Doesn't
Matter Anymore/ Johnny B. Goode/Over In A Flash/Summer Love '59/Oh! Boy/
Crying In The Rain/Arty's Party.
'XXV Disc. 5: Africa/Going Home (Theme From "Local Hero")/Up Where We Belong/
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me/The Modern Way/Diamonds/Time Is Tight/
Memory/Liverpool Days/Queen Of Hearts/A Whiter Shade Of Pale/Elevenis.
Guardian Angel Disc. 6: How Do I Love Thee/Hammerhead/The Saturday Western/Look Back On Love (From The Film "Terminal Choice")/Johnny Staccato/I Will Return/(I'm Gonna Be Your) Guardian Angel/Can't Play Your Game/On A Night Like This/Turning Point/Our Albert.
Moonlight Shadows Disc. 7: Every Breath You Take/Hello/The Power Of Love/Hey Jude/Against All Odds/
Memory/Dancing In The Dark/Whiter Shade Of Pale/Moonlight Shadow/Three Times A Lady/Sailing/I Just Called To Say I Love You/I Know Him So Well/Nights In White Satin/Imagine-Woman/Walk Of Life/Dancing In The Dark (7" Remix)/Dancing In The Dark (12" Remix).
'Simply...Shadows Disc. 8: I Knew You Were Waiting For Me/We Don't Need Another Hero/Walking In The Air/Careless Whisper/Don't Give Up/I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues/
A Heart Will Break Tonight/The Lady In Red/Pulaski/Take My Breath Away/The Music Of The Night/Themes From Eastenders & Howards Way/I Want To Know What Love Is/The Skye Boat Song/Jealous Guy/Chain Reaction.
Steppin' To The Shadows Disc. 9: You Win Again/I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)/He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother/Candle In The Wind/Farewell My Lovely/Mountains Of The Moon/Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You/Heaven Is A Place On Earth/
When The Going Gets Tough/Alone/All I Ask Of You/Stack - It/Shoba/You Keep Me Hangin' On/Some People/One Moment In Time.
At Their Very Best Disc. 10: Apache/Man Of Mystery/Shindig/Wonderful Land/The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/The Theme From "The Deerhunter" (Cavatina)/The Boys/The Frightened City/
Theme For Young Lovers/Dance On/The Savage/F.B.I./Guitar Tango/Genie With
The Light Brown Lamp/Atlantis/Foot Tapper/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Kon-Tiki/
Geronimo/The Stranger.
'Reflection Disc. 11: Eye Of The Tiger/Crockett's Theme (From Miami Vice)/Right Here Waiting/
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic/Sealed With A Kiss/Uptown Girl/Strawberry Fields Forever/Riders In The Sky '90/Flashdance...What A Feeling/Something's Gotten Hold Of
My Heart/Love Changes Everything/Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now/Bilitis/
You'll Never Walk Alone/Shadowmix featuring Apache-Wonderful Land-The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt-Kon-Tiki-F.B.I-Man Of Mystery-Apache/Always On My Mind. Edsel Records
Release date: 03-11-2017.
Change Of Address (CD) 8-13574-2
Made In United Kingdom  Mozarte Forte/Midnight Creepin/Change Of Address/Just The Way You Are/Indigo/Arty's Party/Outdigo/Hello Mr W.A.M/
Temptation/Albatross/If You Leave Me Now/Equinoxe Part V
Polydor Label
Re-issued in United Kingdom (CD) TECD 194  Talking Elephant Label  
2nd April 2012. 
Classic Shadows (CD) CDAX 701529
Made In Australia  Return To The Alamo/The Breeze & I/Sweet Saturday Night/Alentejo/Peace Pipe/Song For Duke/Rodrigos Guitar Concerto/The Wild Roses/Chu Chi/Semi Detached Surburban Mr James/
I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Arthur/Londonderry Air/
Another Night/Honourable Puff Puff/Its Been A Blue Day/
Slaughter On 10th Avenue  Axis Label (SCOFA)
Compact Shadows (CD) 823080-2
Made In Germany  Equinoxe Part V/The Third Man/No Dancing/
Memory/Chi Mai/Africa/Thing Me Jig/Theme From Missing/Mozarte Forte/If You Leave Le Now/Summer Love 59/Hello Mr Wham/
Queen Of Hearts/More Than I Can Say/Life In The Jungle/
Chariots Of Fire/Sailing/Going Home Polydor Label
Complete A's & B's (CD) 5781812
Made United Kingdom
Disc. 1: Feelin Fine*/Don't Be A Fool (with Love)*/Driftin'*/Jet Black*/Saturday Dance*/Lonesome Fella*/Apache/Quatermasster's Stores/Man Of Mystery/
The Stranger/FBI/Midnight/The Frightened City/Back Home/Kon-Tiki/36-24-36/
The Savage/Peace Pipe/Wonderful Land/Stars Fell On Stockton/Guitar Tango/
What A Lovely Tune Dance On!/All Day.
Disc. 2: Foot Tapper/The Breeze And I/Atlantis/I Want You To Want Me/Shindig/
It's Been A Blue Day/Geronimo/Shazam!/Theme For Young Lovers/This Hammer/
The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/It's A Man's World/Rhythm 'n' Greens/The Miracle/
Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/Little Princess/Mary Anne/Chu-Chi/Stingray/
Alice In Sunderland/Don't Make My Baby Blue/My Grandfather's Clock.
Disc. 3: The War Lord/I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Arthur/I Met A Girl/
Late Night Set/A Place In The Sun/Will You Be There?/The Dreams I Dream/
Scotch On The Socks/Maroc 7/Bombay Duck/Tomorrow's Cancelled/Somewhere
(West Side Story)/Midnight Cowboy/Running Out Of The World/Dear Old Mrs. Bell/
Trying To Forget The One You Love/London's Not Too Far/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/
Turn Around And Touch Me/Jungle Jam.
Disc. 4: Let Me Be The One/Stand Up Like A Man/Run Billy Run/Honourable Puff Puff/
It'll Be Me Babe/Like Strangers/Another Night/Cricket Bat Boogie/Love De Luxe/
Sweet Saturday Night/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Montezuma's Revenge/Theme From
The Deer Hunter/Bermuda Triangle/Rodrigo's Guitar Concerto/Song For Duke/
Riders In The Sky/Rusk/Heart Of Glass/Return To The Alamo. 
* Mono EMI Label  19th April 2004.
Cosy At Midnight (CD) CDEMCJ (WLM) 5917
Made In South Africa  Midnight/Kon Tiki/Shotgun/Apache/
Quatermassters stores/FBI/Dance On/Little B/Kinda Cool/Mustang/
Granada/Walkin/Foot Tapper/Atlantis/Stardust/Shazam/Cathy's Clown/
Tomorrows Cancelled/Geronimo/Cosy/See You In My Drums/Shadoogie/
Sleepwalk/Semi Detached Suburban Mr James/Get Back EMI
Dance On !!!(CD) 16 090
Made In Germany Apache/Dance On/Atlantis/Geronimo/The Breeze & I/
Perfidia/Ranka Chank/Stingray/Geronimo/Bongo Blues/Theme For Young Lovers/Three Galleons/South Of The Border/Don't Cry For Me Argentina
Laser Light Label
Dance On With The Shadows  (CD) 900058-2
Made In France  Shazam/Dakota/Shindig/Its Been A Blue Day/Atlantis/
Spring Is Nearly Here/Foot Tapper/1861/Theme For Young Lovers/French Dressing/Geronimo/Tonight/The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Chattanooga Choo Choo/It's A Mans World/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/Dance On/Mustang/
The Boys/The War Lord/Friday On My Mind/With A Hm Hm On My Knee/
Cathy's Clown DIAL Label
Dance With/The Sound Of The Shadows (CD) CDP 7-95733-2
Made In United Kingdom Chattanooga Choo Choo/Blue Shadows/
Fandango/Tonight/That's The Way It Goes/Big B/In The Mood/Lonely Bull/
Dakota/French Dressing/The High And The Mighty/Don't It Make You Feel Good/Zambesi/Temptation Brazil/The Lost City/A Little Bitty Tear/Blue Sky
Blue Sea Blue Me/Bossa Roo/Five Hundred Miles/Cotton Pickin/Deep Purple/
Santa Ana/The Windjammer/Dean's Theme/Breakthru/Let It Be Me/
National Provincial Samba Label EMI
Also available in Russia (CD) 0004110 Stress Label
Dance With The Shadows "Apache"  (CD) 900046-2
Made In France  Apache/Quatermassters Stores/Driftin/Gonzales/
FBI/Man Of Mystery/The Frightened City/Kon Tiki/Wonderful Land/
Nivram/Shadoogie/Sleepwalk/ My Resistance Is Low/Guitar Tango/
Perfidia/Little B/The Rumble/The Savage/36-24-36 Dial Label
Dance With The Shadows (CD) 7243 4 99418 2 3
Made In EEU  Mono Chattanooga Choo Choo/Blue Shadows/Fandango/
Tonight/That's The Way It Goes/Big B/In The Mood/Lonely Bull/Dakota/
French Dressing/The High & The Mighty/Don't It Make You Feel Good/ Zambesi/Temptation Stereo Chattanooga Choo Choo/Blue Shadows/
Fandango/Tonight/That's The Way It goes/Big B/In The Mood/Lonely Bull/
Dakota/French Dressing/The High & The Mighty/Don't It Make You Feel Good/Zambesi/Temptation EMI Label
 15th February 1999. 
Also available in Japan (CD) WPCR-16663 Warner Label
Dance With The Shadows (CD) 4976992
Made In France  Chattanooga Choo Choo/Blue Shadows/Fandango/
Tonight/Thats The Way It Goes/Big B/In The Mood/Lonely Bull/Dakota/
French Dressing/The High & The Mighty/Don't It Make You Feel Good/
Zambesi/Temptation/Shazam/Shindig/It's Been A Blue Day/Theme For Young Lovers/Geronimo/It's A Man World/The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/
It's Been A Blue Day (alternative version) Magic Label 
Dance With The Shadows/Shadoogie  (CD) 3930081
Made In France  Shadoogie/Blue Star/My Resistance Is Low/
See You In My Drums/Find Me A Golden Street/Gonzales/Theme From A Filleted Place/Nivram/Sleepwalk/Big boy. Bonus Tracks: That's My Desire/Bongo Blues From The Film 'Expresso Bongo'/Wonderful Land (Complete Mono Version)/
Wonderful Land (Stereo Version)/Stars Fell On Stockton/The Savage From The Film 'The Young Ones'/Peace Pipe From The Film 'The Young Ones'/Shazam/
Guitar Boogie/Sleepwalk/FBI/Witch Doctor (Alternative Version Of 'The Savage') Unreleased. Magic Records Label From South Africa EP  
Also available in Japan (CD) VSCD 5222  Vivid Records Label
Dancing In The Dark (CD) PWKS4031
Made In United Kingdom  Dancing In The Dark/Life In Ihe Jungle/
Queen Of Hearts/Cat 'n' Mouse/I Will Return/Shoba/No Dancing/
High Noon/Telstar/More Than I Can Say/Outdigo/Spot The Ball/
Time Is Tight/Elevenis/Mountains Of The Moon/A Whiter Shade Of Pale 
Pickwick Label
Second Edition De Hits Van The Shadows (CD) PS CD4 7970952
Made In Netherland Wonderful Land/Atlantis/Goodbye Yellow Brick Road/Midnight Cowboy/Apache/God Only Knows/Stardust/Walk Don't Run/
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World/Something/Superstar/
Trains & Boats & Planes/FBI/Kon-Tiki. 
RTL 4 TV Promotion 
Diamonds (CD) PWKS4018
Made In United Kingdom  Diamonds/Imagine/Woman/Theme From Missing/You Rescue Me/Hats Off To Wally/Nut Rocker/Guardian Angel/
Up Where We Belong/This Ole House/Africa/Arty's Party/Can't Play Your Game/The Old Romantics/Our Albert/Cowboy Cafe/We Don't Talk Anymore Pickwick Label
Die Grossen Erfolge Album Supergruppe (CD) 624817
Made In Germany  Apache/Wonderful Land/Atlantis/Guitar Tango/
Kon Tiki/Dance On/Let Me Be The One/Man Of Mystery/Classical Gas/ Shindig/Theme From The Deer Hunter/Rodrigo's Guitar Concerto/Bright Eyes/Baker Street/Riders In The Sky/Argentina EMI Bertelsmann Club edition Label  
Dreamtime (CD) 5-50094-2
Made In Germany Imagine-Woman/Three Times A Lady/Just The Way You Are/If You Leave Me Now/Up Where We Belong/Misty/Careless Whisper/I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues/I just Called To Say I Love You/Always On My Mind/The snowman/Going Home/Skye Boat Song Spectrum Label  1993. 
Also available in Japan (CD) PDCP-1567 Polydor Label
Essential (CD) 5818822
Made In EEC Apache/Man Of Mystery/The Frightened City/Guitar Tango/Kon-Tiki/Foot Tapper/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/
The War Lord/A Place In The Sun/Atlantis/Wonderful Land/F.B.I./
The Savage/Geronimo/Shindig/Stingray/Theme For Young Lovers/
The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Maroc 7/Dance On.EMI Label
released 24th March 2003. 
Everything Of Value, Rarities Two (CD) 7-89041-2
Made In United Kingdom Jet Black/Driftin/Be Bop A Lula/Wonderful Land(No Strings)/Somewhere/Me Oh My/Girl From Ipanema/Leave My Woman Alone/Trying To Forget The One You Love/Running Out Of World/I Can't Forget/Voyage To The Bottom Of The Bath/Poem/Average Life Of A Daily Man/Banana Man/The Magical Mrs. Clamps/Here I Go Again/Maggie's Samba/London's Not Too Far/Break Another Dawn/Green Apples/Funny Old World EMI Label  1993. 
Also available in Japan (CD) TOCP 7797  EMI Label
Extended Play...Original EP Sides (CD) EXTPCD 617
Made In EEC Driftin' (As The Drifters)/Bongo Blues (As The Drifters)/
Mustang/Theme From Shane/Shotgun/Theme From Giant/Apache #1/
Man Of Mystery #5/The Stranger #5/F.B.I. #6/The Frightened City #3/
Kon-Tiki #1/Peace Pipe/The Savage #10/Shadoogie/Nivram/Baby My Heart/
See You In My Drums/All My Sorrows/Stand Up And Say That!/Gonzales/
Big Boy/Wonderful Land #1/Midnight/Stars Fell On Stockton/36-24-36/
Theme From "The Boys"/The Girls/Sweet Dreams/The Boys/Dance On!/
All Day . Great Voice Of Centry Records
Favourite TV, Fil & Show Tunes (CD) 5 20012 2
Made In Australia  Man Of Mystery/The Frightened City/The Savage/
Peace Pipe/Blue Star/Foot Tapper/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/
Round & Round/Ranka Chank/Rhythm & Greens/Tonight/Thunderbirds Theme/Maroc 7/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Pinball Wizard/See Me Feel Me/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Cavatina/Bright Eyes.
EMI Label 





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