Greatest Hits (MC) TC-SCXO1522
A: Apache/Man Of Mystery/The Stranger/FBI/Midnight/The Frightened City/
B: 36-24-36/The Savage/Peace Pipe/Wonderful Land/Stars Fell On Stockton/
Guitar Tango/The Boys/Dance On. EMI Label
Greatest Hits (MC) TC-SCX 1522
A: Apache/The Stranger/Guitar Tango/36-24-36/The Savage/Stars Fell
On Stockton/The Boys.
B: Man Of Mystery/FBI/Midnight/Wonderful Land/The Frightened City/
Kon-Tiki/Peace Pipe/Dance On.. EMI Label
Golden Greatest (MC) TC-EMTV3
A: Apache/Man Of Mystery/The Stranger/The Frightened City/Guitar Tango/
Kon-Tiki/Foot Tapper/ Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/The Warlord/
A Place In The Sun/Atlantis.
B: Wonderful Land/FBI/The Savage/Geronimo/Shindig/Stingray/Theme For Young Lovers/The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Maroc 7/Dance On. EMI Label
Guardian Angel (MC) POLDC 5169
A: How Do I Love Thee/Hammerhead/The Saturday Western/Look Back
On Love/Johnny Staccato/I Will Return.
B: Guardian Angel/Can't Play Your Game/On A Night Like This/
Turning Point/Our Albert. Polydor Label
Hank Marvin & The Shadows Play The Music Of Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice (MC) 539 479 4
A: A Whole New World/Phantom Of The Opera/Memory/Tell Me On A Sunday/
I Know Him So Well/Starlight Epress Suite-Starlight Express Suite/The Race/
AC DC/There's Me/Starlight Express Suite/I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You/
Don't Cry For Me Argentina.
B: Can You Feel The Love To Night/Love Changes Everything/Oh What A Cirus/
The Music Of The Night/Take That Look Of Your Face/All I Ask Of You/Another Suicase In Another Hall/One Night In Bangkok - Variations (Bangkok/Variations/One Night In Bangkok). Polygram Label
Handpicked (MC) 527 387-4
A: Achy Breaky Heart/Everybody Want To Rule The World/Tailspin/Hot Rox/
Space Oddity/Don't Talk/Limited Slip.
B: Cable Beach/All Alone With Friends/Road Train/Moontalk/Captain Zlogg/
Scirocco/Into The Light. Polygram UK Label
Hits Right Up Your Street (MC) SPEMC 78
A: Telstar/Chi Mai/We Don't Talk Anymore/Imagine-Woman/Hats Off To Wally/One Day I'll Fly Away/Summer Love 59/Misty.
B: This Ole House/The Winner Takes It All/Sailing/Thing Me Jig/More Than I Can Say/Cowboy Cafe/The Third Man/Nut Rocker. Polydor Label
In The Night (MC) 843 798-4
A: Lady In Red/Love Changes Everything/The Power Of Love/The Winner
Takes It All/Sealed With A Kiss/All I Ask Of You/One Moment In Time/
Dareless Wisper.
B: I Just Called To Say I Love You/I Want To Know What Love Is/
I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues/Theme From 'Missing'/
Going Home (Theme From 'Local Hero')/Right Here Waiting/Chi Mai/
Dancing In The Dark. PolyGram Label
Life In The Jungle (MC) BNR PWKMC 4134
A: Life In The Jungle/High Noon/The Theme From Missing/Treat Me Nice/
Cat 'n' Mouse/Chariots Of Fire.
B: No Dancing/ Riders Of The Range The Old Romantics/You Rescue Me/
Lili Marlene/Raunchy. PICKWICK Label
Life In The Jungle (MC) SPEMC 88
A: Life In The Jungle/High Noon/The Theme From Missing/Treat Me Nice/Cat 'n' Mouse/Chariots Of Fire.
B: No Dancing/Riders Of The Range The Old Romantics/You Rescue Me/Lili Marlene/Raunchy. EMI Label
Life In The Jungle/Live At Abbey Road (MC) SHADC1
A:  Life In The Jungle/High Noon/The Theme From Missing/Treat Me Nice/
Cat 'n' Mouse/Chariots Of Fire/No Dancing/Riders Of The Range/The Old Romantics/You Rescue Me/Lili Marlene/Raunchy.
B: The Third Man/Thing Me Jig/Runaway/All I have To Do Is Dream/
It Doesn't Matter Anymore/Johnny B Goode/Over In A Flash/Summer
Love 59/Oh Boy/Crying In The Rain/Arty's Party. Polydor Label
Life In The Jungle  (MC) 747POP 8030
A:  The Theme From Missing/Treat Me Nice/Cat 'n' Mouse/Life In The Jungle/High Noon/You Rescue Me/Theme From Young Lovers.
B: Atlantis/No Dancing/Riders Of The Range/The Old Romantics/
Lili Marlene/Raunchy/Chariots Of Fire. 747 Label





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