Bank Of The Ohio (MC) 22533MC
A: Take Me Home Country Road/Me And Bbby McGee/Help Me Make It
Through The Nigh/Angel In The Morning/Just A Little Too Much.
B: A Love Song/If Not For You/Banks Of The Ohio/If I Could Read You Mind. ELAP Label
Back To Basics: The Essential Collection 1971 - 1992 (MC) 512 641-4
A: If Not For You/Banks Of The Ohio/What Is Life/Take Me Home Country Roads/I Honestly Love You/Have You Never Been Mellow/Sam/You're The
One That I Want/Hopelessly Devoted To You/Summer Nights.
B: A Little More Love/Xanadu/Magic/Suddenly/Physical/The Rumour/
Not Gonna Be The One/I Need Love/I Want To Be Wanted/Deeper Than A River. Mercury Label
Come On Over (MC) YC 1002
A: Come On Over/Jolene/Pony Ride/It'll Be Me/Greensleeves/Blue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain/If Not For You/Banks Of The Ohio/Everything I Own.
B: Don't Throw It All Away/Who Are You Now?/Smile For Me/Small Talk & Pride/Wrap Me In Your Arms/Long & Winding Road/What Is Life/Let It Shine/
If You Love Me. YK Label
Don't Stop Believin (MC) IMD-502
A: Don't Stop Believin/A Thousand Conversations/Compassionate Man/
New Born Babe/Hey Mr Dreammaker.
B: Every Face Tells A Story/Sam/Love You Hold The Key/I'll Bet You A Kangaroo/Last Time You Loved. EMI Label
Gaia (MC) DSH LMC 7017
A: Trust Yourself/No Matter What You Do/No Other Love/Pegasus/Why Me/
Don't Cut Me Down.
B: Gaia/Do You Feel/I Never Knew Love/Silent Ruin/Not Gonna Give It To It/
The Way Of Love. Universal Music Label
Greatest Hits (MC) TC-EMA 785
A: Changes/If Not For You/Let Me Be There/If You Love Me (Let Me Know)/
I Honestly Love You/Have You Never Been Mellow.
B: Please Mr. Please/Take Me Home Country Roads/Let It Shine/
Banks Of The Ohio/Don't Stop Believin'/Sam. EMI/Festival Label
Greatest Hits (MC) TC-EMTV36
A: Physical/Tied Up/Heart Attack/Make A Move On Me/You're The One That
I Want/What Is Life/Xanadu/Summer Nights/Landslide/Take Me Home
Country Roads.
B: A Litttle More/Magic/Suddenly/Changes/Hopelessly Devoted To You/
Sam/If Not For You/Banks Of The Ohio/Rosewater/I honestly Love You. 
EMI Label
Grease (MC) 789
A: You're The One That I Want/Summer Nights/Grease/Hopelessly
Devoted To You/Sandy/Beauty School Dropout.
B: Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee/Greased Lightnin'/Those Magic Changes/
Tears On My Pillow/We Go Together/Love Is A Many Splendored Thing. 
Phoemix Label
I Need Love (MC) MERMC 370
A: 1. I Need Love
2. Warm And Tender.
B: 1. I Need Love
2. Warm And Tender. Mercury Label

Love Songs (MC) TC-MFP 5839
A: Please Me Please/Have You Never Been Mellow/If/Angel Of The Morning/Love Songs/Noregrets/If You Could Read My Mind.
B: God Only Knows/I Honestly Love You/Amoureuse/Lullaby/Winterwood/If We Only Have Love/Changes. EMI Label
Rumour (MC) 834 957-4
A: Rumour/Love And Let Live/Can't We Talk It Over In Bed/Let's Talk
About Tomorrow/It's Not Heaven.
B: Get Out/Big And Strong/Car Games/Walk Through Fire/Tutta La Vita. Mercury Label
Soul Kiss (MC) MCAC-6151
A: Toughen Up/Soul Kiss/Queen Of The Publication/Emotional Tangle/
Culture Shock.
B: Moth To A Flame/Overnight Observation/You Where Great, How Was I?/
Driving Music/The Right Moment. MCA Label
The History Of (MC) 6993
A: Take Me Home Country Roads/Banks Of The Ohio/Don't Stop Believin/
Let Me Be There/If You Love Me (Let Me Know)/I Honestly Love You/
Have You Ever Been Mellow/Dancing Round And Round .
B: Please Don't Keep Me Waiting/Talk TO Me/Deeper Than The Night/
Totally Hot/Boats Against The Current/Gimme Some Lovin/Please Mr. Please. 
747 Label
Totally Hot (MC) TC-EMA 789
A: Please Don't Keep Me Waiting/Dancin' 'Round & 'Round/Talk To Me/
Deeper Than The Night/Borrowed Time.
B: A Little More Love/Never Enough/Totally Hot/Boats Against The Current/Gimme Some Lovin'. EMI Label
Two Of A Kind (MC) TC-EMC 1654614
A: Twist Of Fate/Take A Chance/It's Gonna Be Special/Cath 22/
Shaking You.
B: Livin In Desperate Times/The Perfect One/Ask The Lonely/
Prima Donna/Night Music. EMI Label
Warm & Tender (MC) 842145-4
A: Jenny Rebecca/Rocking/The Way You Look Tonight/Lullaby Lullaby My Lovely One/You'll Never Walk Alone/Sleep My Pricess/The Flower That Shattered The Stone/Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star/Warm And Tender.
B: Rock-A-Bye Baby/Over The Rainbow/The Twelfth Of Never/All The Pretty Little Horses/When You Wish Upon A Star/Reach Out For Me-Brahms Lullaby [Intro/Reprise]. Mercury Label

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