Diamonds And Other Grems (CD) DERAM 8-20634-2
Made In Germany Diamonds/Hully Gully/Footstomp/Scarlett O'Hara/
Applejack/The Tall Texan/Song Of Mexico/Kings Go Fifth/Besame Mucho/Chills And Fever/Clap Your Hands (Once Again)/The Man With The Golden Arm/Wild One (Real Wild Child)/Some People (Not The Same As Cliff's Hit Song)/Rave/Man From Howhere/Big Bad Bass/
Rifka/Lonesome Part Of Town/Again. Dream Label
Diamonds And Other Grems (CD) G-RETRO825
Made In Germany Besame Mucho/Chills And Fever/Rave/Main Title Theme/Some People (Not The Same As Cliff's Hit Song)/Wild One
(Real Wild Child)/Clap Your Hands (Once Again)/Man From Howhere/
Lonesome Part Of Town/Again/Diamonds/Footstomp/Scarlett O'Hara/
Hully Gully/Applejack/The Tall Texan/Song Of Mexico/Kings Go Fifth/
Big Bad Bass/Rifka. Rough Trade Distribution
Jet Harris & Tony Meehan Dimond Geezers (CD) JHCDR001
Made In United Kingdom Diamonds/Hully Gully/Footstomp/Scarlett O'Hara/AppleJack/The Tall Texan/Song Of Mexico/Kings Go Fifth/
Besame Mucho/Chills And Fever/Clap Your Hands (Once Again)/
The Man With The Golden Arm/Wild One (Real Wild Child)/Some People (Not The Same As Cliff's Hit Song)/Rave/Man from Nowhere/
Big Bad Bass/Rifka/Lonesome Part Of Town/Again.
Bonus Tracks: Jet Black/Nivram/Theme For A Fallen Idol. 
Jet Harris "Fistful Of Strings (And A Bit Of Chat)" (CD) 10PTING 190
Made In United Kingdom 36-24-36/Real Wild Child/In Love With The
Guitar Man/Cloud 9/Big Bad Bass From Texas/Love Me Tender/Mechanism/
Walk Don't Run/The Creep/Theme For A Fallen Idol/Nivram/Trilogy. 
Jet Harris Fan Club
Jet Harris (& The Diamonds) "Fistful Of Strings Vol. II" (CD) 10PTING 206
Made In United Kingdom Diamonds/Spanish Harlem/Ghost Riders In The Sky/Midnight/
Time Is Tight/The Tall Texan/Scarlet O'Hara/Apache/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/FBI/
Nivram/Wonderful Land.

Jet Harris & Midnight Shadows (Arnos Hotel, Bristol 3rd July 2004)
Apache/The Stranger/The Friightened City/Kon-Tiki/Nivram/Sleep Walk/
Peace Pipe/Wonderful Land. Jet Harris Fan Club

The Best Of Jet Harris & Tony Meehan (CD) 544268 - 2
Made In United Kingdom Diamonds/Footstomp/Scarlett O'Hara/
Hully Gully/AppleJack/The Tall Texan/Song Of Mexico/Kings Go Fifth/
Besame Mucho/Chills And Fever/ Lonesome Part Of Town/Again/
Man from Nowhere/Rave/Big Bad Bass/Rifka/Some People/
Man With The Golden Arm. Spectrum/Universal records Ltd
50th Anniversary Tour Live Collection (CD) No Number
Made In United Kingdom Main Title Theme/Jet Black/Gonzales/Scarlett O'Hara/Apple Jack/Tall Texan/Wonderful Land/Nivram/Apache/No Other Baby
(feat: Dillie Davis). 
Back In Our Rock 'n' Roll Days (CD) NONE
Made In United Kingdom
1-Track. Private Records
Back In Our Rock 'n' Roll Days 
Made In United Kingdom Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song)/
Snakefood/A-Gusta/Samb-Adagio/Everything/Everything Epilogue/
Crazy Benny/Baya Baya/Adagio.
Diamonds - A 40th Anniversary Fan Club Tribute 1963 - 2003
Made In United Kingdom 1962 Jerry Lordon Demo/1963 Jet Harris
& Tony Meehan/1964 Jet Harris & The Innocents/1977 Jet Harris & The Diamonds/1987 Jet Harris & Tangent/1988 Jet Harris/1996 Jet Harris & The Diamonds/2002 Jet Harris & The Rapiers. Eight different version of Diamonds.
New CD 2002 Diamonds Are Trumps (CD) SLTD 116
Made In United Kingdom Dance With The Guitar Man/Wipe Out/
You Can't Sit Down/Diamonds/Theme For A Fallen Idol/Time Is Tight/
Man With The Golden Arm/Gonzales/No Other Baby/Soul Limbo/
Barney's Blues/Watermelon Man/Theme For Something Really Important/Tequila. Featuring Bobby Gramham

31st July -1st August 2002. 
Insider Jet Harris (CD) CNC 4022-2
Made In Germany The Stranger/Medley: Perfidia/
Blue Moon/Sleepwalk/Dance On/Wonderful Land/FBI/
Spanish Harlem/Apache Riders In The Sky/Nivram/
Diamonds/Scarlett O'Harar/Shazam. CNC Label
reissue Rollercoaster RCCD 3010
Jet Harris Anniversary Album (CD) CDMM 1038
Made In United Kingdom Diamonds/Jet Black/Besame Mucho/
36-24-36/Big Bad Bass/Scarlett O'Hara/Applejack/Man From Nowhere/
Nivram/Theme For A Fallen Idol/The Tall Texan/Again/Theme From
The Man With The Golden Arms. Q Records Label
Jet Harris Wish A Merry Christmas
Made In United Kingdom  Hello it is only jet.
Just want to wish you a happy Chrismas, and thank you, real thank you for the support, as you know I'm a bloke of few words, but I'm tell you don't left to much voluble over the christmas or you only fell badt in the morning
O me love
I get out to clean my car now.
Live At Sturminster Marshall Memorial Hall Nov 30th 1996
(CD) 1JS9701018-2 Made In United Kingdom
Riders In The Sky/The Stranger/Dance On/Spanish Harlem/
The Frightened City/Kon Tiki/Apache/Man Of Mystery/Nivram/When You Walk In The Room*/Angel Of The Morning*/Tell Him*/I've Got Something On My Mind*/Stormy*/Scarlet O Hara**/Wonderful Land**/The Tall Texan**/Diamonds**/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/FBI.
* Vocals Billie Davis ** Jet Harris on Lead Private Label 1997. 
No Other Baby Live
1. No Other Baby Live
San Antonio (CD) CLRCD0601
1. San Antonio
2. Ignition
Scarlett O'Hara - A 40 Years A Celebration Fan Club CD
Made In United Kingdom 1963 Jerry Lordon Demo/1963 Jet Harris & Tony Meehan/1979 Jet Harris & The Diamonds/1985 Jet Harris & The Strangers/1988 Jet Harris/1990 Jet Harris & The Fontana's/2000 Jet Harris, The Papiers & Cliff Hall/2001 Jet Harris & Bobby Graham.
Eight different version of Scarlett O'Hara.
The Journey  (CD) CLRCD0602
Made In United Kingdom In The Beginning/San Antonio (Old Skool Mix)/
It Bites/Krakatoa/The Journey/Ignition/The 4th Man/Hello Sid/
Play It Down/Song For Tony/Shot To Pieces/San Antonio (Inst...)/
El Vampiro/Diamonds. Crazy Lighthouse Records
Released October 1999 The Phoenix Rises (CD) JET 001
Made In United Kingdom Theme From Something Really Important/
Scarlett O'Hara 2000/Last Train Home)/Beater Blocker/Simply Jerry/
Dreamland/Theme 18/Phoenix/Spivram/Mechanism/Here I Stand/
Diamonds 2000/Man From Nowhere/Duane Stays Mainly On The Plane Mustang records Ltd
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