Silver Box-set (MC) TC2-EMCS 1077875  Made In United Kingdom
Silver (MC) 1077874
A: Silvers Home Tonight/Hold On/Never Say Die/
Front Page/Ocean Deep.
B: Locked Inside Your Prison/Please Don't Fall In Love/Baby You're Dynamite/The Golden Days Are Over/Love Stealer.

Rock 'n' Roll Silver (MC) 1077884
A: Makin' History/Move It/Donna/Teddy Bear/It'll Be Me.
B: Lucille/Little Bitty Pretty One/ Never Be Anyone Else But You/Be Bop A Lula/Tutti Frutti. EMI Label 
Songs From Heathcliff  (MC) 7243 8 35762 4 1
A: A Misunderstood Man/Sleep Of The Good/Gypsy Bundle/Had To Be/
When You Thought Of Me.
B: Dream Tomorrow/Do Not Love You Isabella/Choosing When Its Too Late/
Marked With Death/Be With Me Always. EMI Label
Somting Goin On (MC) CL 828
A: Thousand Miles To Go/Something's Goin' On/I Will Not Be A Mistake/
Simplicity/Sometimes Love/I Cannot Give You My Love/The Day That I
Stop Loving You.
B: What Car/How Did She Get Here/ Field Of Love/For Life/I Don't Wanna
Lose You/Faithful One. Universal/Decca Label
Some People (MC) 64 7920654
A: Some People/Devil Woman/Miss You Nights/Wired For Sound/A Little In Love/
We Don't Talk Anymore/Carrie.
B: My Pretty One/Never Say Die/Remember Me/Dreamin/The Only Way Out/
Please Don't Fall In Love/Daddy's Home. EMI Label
Small Corners (MC) TC-MFP 50539
A: Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/I Love/Why Me Lord/
I've Got News For You/Hey Watcha Say/I Wish We'd All Been Ready.
B: Josepth/Good On The Sally Army/Goin Home/Up In Canada/
Yes He Lives/When I Survey The Wondrous Cross. EMI Label 
TC-EMC 3219
Starportrait (MC) 1C 220 7 48979 4
A: Rotte Lippen Soll Man Küssen/Sag No Zu Ihm/Du Bist Mein Erster Gedanke/Es Geören Zwei Zum Glücklichsein/Ein Girl Wie Du/
Ein Sonntag Mit Marie.
B: Das Ist Die Frage Aller Fragen/Es War Keine So Wunderbar Wie Du/
Man Gratuliert Mir/Nur Bei Dir Bin Ich Zu Haus/Bilder Von Dir/Es Könnte Schon Morgen Sein. EMI Label
Stronger (MC) 7-93229-4
A: Stronger Than That/ Who's In Love/The Best Of Me/Clear Red Sky's/
Keep Me Warm/Lean On You.
B: I Just Don't Have The Heart/Joanna/Everybody Knows/Share A Dream/
Better Day/Forever You Will Be Mine.
EMI Label 
Stronger (MC) L4 EMCJ 7-93229-4
A: Stronger Than That/ Who's In Love/The Best Of Me/Clear Red Sky's/
Lean On You/Keep Me Warm.
B: I Just Don't Have The Heart/Joanna/Everybody Knows/Forever You Will
Be Mine/Better Day/Share A Dream.EMI Label 
Summer Holiday (MC) TC-MFP 5824
A: Seven Days To A Holiday/Summer Holiday/Let Us Take You For A Ride/
Les Girls (Shadows)/Round & Round (Shadows)/Foot Tapper (Shadows)/
Stranger In Town/Orlandos Mime (A.B.S. Orchestra).
B: Bachelor Boy/A Swingin Affair/Really Waltzing/All At Once/Dancing Shoes/
Yugoslav Wedding (A.B.S. Orchestra)/The Next Time/Big News. EMI Label
Talking Doll (MC) MBAK 6032
A: Interview Part 1.
B: Interview Part 2. 
Baktabak Label
Time (MC) TCEQ 2003
Tape 1-A: Born To Rock 'n' Roll/Time/Music Of The Spheres/
Law Of The Universe/The Time Lord Theme/Charge/One Human Family.
B: What On Earth/I Know I Know/Your Brother In Soul/Case For The Prosecution/Starmaker/Time Will Teach Us All/I Object.
Tape 2-A: In My Defence/Within My World/Because/Move The Judge/
She's So Beautiful/Beauty, Truth,Love,Freedom,Peace/If You Only Knew.
B: We're The U.F.O./The Theme From Time/Harmony/The Return/Time/
It's Everyone Of Us. EMI Label 
Thank You Very Much (MC) 4156774
A: The Young Ones/Do You Want To Dance/The Day I Met Marie/
Shadoogie (Shadows)/Atlantis (Shadows)/ Nivram (Shadows)/Apache (Shadows)/Please Don't Tease/Miss You Nights.
B: Move It/Willie & The Hand Jive/All Shook Up/Devil Woman/
Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/End Of The Show. 
EMI Label
Thank You Very Much (MC) GMI 2621
A: The Young Ones/Do You Want To Dance/The Day I Met Marie/
Shadoogie (Shadows)/Atlantis (Shadows)/ Nivram (Shadows)/Apache (Shadows)/Please Don't Tease/Miss You Nights.
B: Move It/Willie & The Hand Jive/All Shook Up/Devil Woman/
Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/End Of The Show. 
GMI Label
The Album (MC) 7 89114 4 9
A: Peace In Our Time/Love Is The Strongest Emotion/I Still Believe In You/Love's Salvation/Only Angel/Handle My Heart With Love/Little Mistreater.
B: You Move Heaven/I Need Love/Hold Us Together/Human Work Of Art/
Never Let Go/Healing Love/Brother To Brother. EMI Label
The Album (MC) 2337
A: Peace In Our Time/Love Is The Strongest Emotion/I Still Believe In You/Love's Salvation/Handle My Heart With Love.
B: You Move Heaven/I Need Love/Human Work Of Art/Healing Love/
Brother To Brother. TAK Label
The Best Of Cliff Richard (MC) No Number
A: Dreamin/Daddy's Home/Wired For Sound/Suddenly/She's So Beautiful/
All I Ask Of You/True Love Ways/She Means Nothing To Me.
B: The Only Way Out/Never Say Die (Give A Little Bit More)/Please Don't Fall In Love/Miss You Nights/We Don't Talk Anymore/My Pretty One/Carrie/Some People. Geffen Label 
The Best Of Cliff Richard & The Shadows  RDC 91251/RDC 91252/
RDC 92253/RDC 91254 Readers Digest
Cliffs Golden Hits: Move It/Living Doll/Travellin Light/A Girl Like You/
Bachelor Boy/Lucky Lips/It's All In The Game/Don't Talk To Him/
Constantly/The Minute Your Gone/Wind Me Up/Congratulations/
Throw Down A Line/Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha.
Memories Are Made Of Hits: Perfidia (Shadows)/Fly Me To The Moon/
Maria Elena (Shadows)/Theme From A Summer Place/Brazil (Shadows)/
Tonight (Shadows)/Sway/I'm Lookin Out The Window/Stardust
(Shadows)/Blue Moon/The Breeze & I (Shadows)/Spanish Harlem/
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You/Temptation (Shadows).
The Shadows Golden Hits: Apache/Man Of Mystery/The Savage/FBI/
Kon Tiki/Wonderful Land/Dance On/Foot Tapper/Shindig/Geronimo/
Atlantis/Flingel Bunt/Theme For Young Lovers.
Rockin with Cliff And The Shadows: High Class Baby/Reelin N Rockin/
River Deep Mountain High (Shadows)/Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On/
Livin Lovin Doll/Bony Moronie (Shadows)/Good Golly Miss Molly/
Ready Teddy/Please Don't Tease/Dynamite/Cathy's Clown (Shadows)/
Nine Times Out Of Ten/Razzle Dazzle/It'll Be Me/Riders In The Sky 
Hits From Movies And Shows: Summer Holiday/Theme From The War Lord (Shadows)/I Could Easily Fall/Don't Cry For Me Argentina 
(Shadows)/Wonderful Life/Cavatina (Shadows)/On The Beach/
The Young Ones/Your The One That I Want (Shadows)/Voice In The Wilderness/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp (The Shadows)/
Finders Keepers/Take Me High/Time Drags By.
Put On Your Dancing Shoes: Dancing Shoes/The Rumble (Shadows)/
Blame It On The Bossa Nova/Chattanooga Choo Choo (Shadows)/
Fall In Love With You/Johnny B Goode (Shadows)/Tennessee Waltz
(Shadows)/Rhythm & Greens (Shadows)/Save The Last Dance For Me/Guitar Tango 
(Shadows)/Do You Want To Dance/Walk Don't Run (Shadows)/In The Country/
Good Vibrations (Shadows).
With Love From Cliff & The Shadows: All My Love/Miss You Nights/
God Only Knows (Shadows)/The Next Time/The Day I Met Marie/
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (Shadows)/It's All Over/
When The Girl In Your Arms/Theme For A Dream/Bright Eyes 
(Shadows)/I Love You/Don't Make My Baby Blue (Shadows)/
The 12th Of Never/Visions/True Love Ways.
Today's Great Hits: Power To All Our Friends/Wired For Sound/
Baker Street (Shadows)/Dreamin/Please Don't Fall In Love/
The Only Way Out/Devil Woman/Let Me Be The One (Shadows)/
My Kinda Life/Rodrigo's Guitar Concerto (Shadows)/Carrie/We Don't Talk Anymore.
The Best Of Cliff (MC) OK 409
A: Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha/Marianne/Throw Down A Lone/Jesus/Sunny Honey Girl/I Ain't Got Time Anymore/Flying Machine.
B: Sing A Song Of Freedom/With The Eyes Of A Child/Good Time Better Times/
I'll Love You Forever Today/The Joy Of Living/Silvery Rain/Big Ship. OK Label
The Best Of Cliff Volume 2 (MC) 1C 244-05 152
A: Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha/Throw Down A Line/Sunny Honey Girl/
Good Times (Better Times)/I Aint Got Time Anymore/Flying Machine/
With The Eyes Of A Child/Big Ship.
B: Marianne/Sing A Song Of Freedom/Silvery Rain/Jesus/I'll Love You Forever Today/The Joy Of Living. EMI Label
The Cliff Richard Collection (MC) 7980874
Made In Australia Identical to CD edition, But Without cover for the individual Cassette. But in a one cassette jacket. More Detail 
EMI Records





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