Golden Legend - Cliff Richard & The Shadows (CD) 300024-2
Made In Malaysia Here Comes Summer/As Time Goes By/I'm Walking/
Twenty Flight Rock/Apron Strings/The Snake & The Bookworm/The Touch
Of Your Lips/Mad About You/Pointed Toe Shoes/My Feet Hit The Gound/
Somewhere Along The Way/Travellin' Light/Blue Suede Shoes/
Mean Woman Blues/Dynamite/Embraceable You/I Don't Know Why/
I'll Strings Along With You/That's My Desire/The Shine On The Second Floor/
I Gotta Know/Living Doll/A Voice In The Wilderness/Steady With You/Schoolboy Crush/
Never Mind/Move It/Mean Streak/Bongo Blues/Man Of Mystery/Quatermaster's Stores/
The Stranger/Apache. Pegasus Records
2nd April 2012. 
Greatest Hits Volume One (CD) TOCP 67165
Made In Japan Move It/Living Doll/The Young Ones/Let's Make A Memory/
Bachelor Boy/Summer Holiday/Lucky Lips/It's All In The Game/Constantly/
On The Beach/I Could Easily Fall/Visions/In The Country/The Day I Met Marie/
Congratulations/Early In The Morning/Miss You Nights/Devil Woman/
We Don't Talk Anymore/Dreamin/Wired For Sound/Daddy's Home/Some People/Mistletoe And Wine/Saviours Day. EMI Label 28th May 2003
Greatest Hits Original Selection (CD) SIS 1014
Made In Japan
 The Young Ones/On The Beach/Move It/Summer Holiday/
Bachelor Boy/Evergreen Tree/La La La La La/Travellin Light/Dynamite/
Living Doll/Lucky Lips/Finders Keepers/The Day I Met Marie/I Love You/
Let's Make A Memory/It's All In The Game/Constantly/Angel/I Could Easily Fall/
In The Country
Green Light/Thank You Very Much (CD)0777780496/2
Made In Austria
Disc.1: Green Light/Under Lock & Key/She's A Gypsy/Count Me Out/Please Remember Me/Never Even Thought/Free My Soul/Start All Over Again/While She's Young/
Can't Take The Hurt Anymore/Ease Along.
Disc.2: The Young Ones/Do You Want To Dance/The Day I Met Marie/Shadoogie
(The Shadows)/Atlantis (The Shadows)/Nivram (The Shadows)/Apache (The Shadows)/
Please Don't Tease/Miss You Nights/Move It/Willie & The Hand Jive/All Shook Up/
Devil Woman/Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/End Of The Show. 
EMI Label
 6th October 1993. 
Green Light  (CD)EMI 5 38369 2
Made In United Kingdom Green Light/Under Lock & Key/She's A Gypsy/Count Me Out/
Please Remember Me/Never Even Thought/Free My Soul/Start All Over Again/While She's Young/Can't Take The Hurt Anymore/Ease Along.
Bonus Track:  Please Don't Tease/Needing A Friend/Imagine Love.
EMI Label 
 1st July 2002. 
Russia (CD) CLRD 1202037801  EMI Label

Golden Greats (CD) MP 906420 (8 711539 064204)
Made In EU
Disc. 1: Living Doll/Here Comes Summer/I Gotta Know/Twenty Flight Rock/
Lonesome Fella/Schoolboy Crush/Travellin' Light/Somewhere Along The Way/
I'll String Along With You/I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)/That's My Desire/
Touch Of Your Lips/Little Things Mean A Lot/Embraceable You/As Time Goes By/
Steady With You/I'm Walking.
Disc. 2: Move It/Livin' Lovin' Doll/The Snake And The Bookworm/High Class Baby/
My Feet Hit The Ground/Blue Suede Shoes/Mean Woman Blues/Dynamite/
Apron Strings/Never Mind/Mean Streak/Pointed To Shoes/Chinchilla/Feelin Fine/
Teenage Love/Jean Dorothy/Don't Be A Fool With Love.
Disc. 3: Apron Strings/My Baby/Down The Line/I Got A Feeling/Jet Black/(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care/Donna/Move It/Ready Teddy/Too Much/
Don't Bug Me Baby/Driftin/That'll Be The Day/Be Bob A Lula/Danny/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin'. Disky Records
Thanks to Murray Hayes Healing Love: Songs Of Inspiration (CD) 71023
Made In USA Healing Love/Butterfly Kisses/The Millennium Prayer/
From A Distance (live)/Peace In Our Time/Son Of Thunder/This Love With Tammy Wynette/Saviours Day/Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/
Somewhere Over The Rainbow/Wonderful World.Music Mill Label
3rd April 2007. 
Heathcliff Live (CD) 7243 8-54768-2
Made In United Kingdom
Disc. 1: Overture/A Misunderstood Man/Funeral Cortege/The Sleep Of The Good/
Gypsy Bundle/The Grange Waltz/Each To His Own/Had To Be/Mrs Edgar Linton/
The Journey/When You Thought Of Me.
Disc. 2: Overture [Reprise]/When You Thought Of Me [Reprise]/Dream Tomorrow/
Isabella (Bridge)/The Gambling Song/I Do Not Love You Isabella/Isabella [Reprise]/
Choosing When It's Too Late/The Madness Of Cathy/Marked With Death/
Be With Me Always/The Nightmare/Be With Me Always [Reprise]/Overture [Reprise]/
A Misunderstood Man [Reprise]/Music For Curtain Calls. EMI Label
 1997. Details
Press Kit Folder Heathcliff:Album/Single The Wedding/Video Press Kit Demo Press Kit 
Made In United Kingdom
 A Misunderstood Man/Sleep Of The Good/
Gypsy Bundle/Had To Be/When You Thought Of Me/I Do Not Love You Isabella/
Choosing When It's Too Late/Marked With Death/Be With Me Always 
EMI Label contains EXCLUSIVE Video/CD single/Album CD 
(issued 11th March 1996)
Help It Along (CD)EMI 946-3819702
Made In United Kingdom  Day By Day/Celestial House/Jesus/Silvery Rain/
Jesus Love You/Fire & Rain/Yesterday Today Forever/Mr Business Man/
Help It Along/Amazing Grace/Higher Ground/Sing A Song Of Freedom. 
Recorded live for TEAR fund in Concert September 1973.
Bonus Track: Help It Along (Non-Live Alternate Single Version)/
Tomorrow Rising/The Days Of Love/Ashes To Ashes.
12 March 2007. 
Het Beste Van Cliff Richard (CD) 7243 5391642 - 8
Made In Netherland Congratulations/I could Easily Fall In Love With You/
Power To All Our Friends/Living Doll/Bachelor Boy/Miss You Nights/
The Young Ones/On The Beach/Summer Holiday/We Don't Talk Anymore/
A Voice In The Wilderness/When The Girl In Your Arms/The Day I Met Marie/
Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha/Please Don't Tease/Good Times (Better Times)/
Nine Times Out Of Ten/Theme For A Dream/Some People/Lucky Lips/Dreamin/
The Minute You're Gone/All My Love/In The Country/Constantly/Wired For Sound/
Do You Want To Dance/Move It. EMI Label
Het Beste Von Cliff Richard (CD) 07243 8758332 0
Made In Belgian The Young Ones/Mumblin Mosie/Unchained Melody/
I Wonder/Bachelor Boy/Congratulations/Living Doll/Wired For Sound/
Some People/Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down/Power To All Our Friends/
We Don't Talk Anymore. EMI Label
Hot Hundred Cliff Richard  (CD) 90411
Made In EU
Disc. 1: The Young Ones/Move It/Do You Wanna Dance?/Travellin' Light/Fall In Love
With You/A Voice In The Wilderness/Please Don't Tease/Dynamite/Willie & The Hand Jive/
Blue Suede Shoes/Twenty Flight Rock/High Class Baby/Livin' Lovin' Doll/Mean Streak/
My Feet Hit The Ground/Schoolboy Crush/Steady With You/Never Mind/Happy Birthday To You/Forty Days/Catch Me/How Wonderful To Know/Tough Enough/Fifty Years For Every Kiss/Too Much (live) .
Disc. 2: Living Doll/I Love You/Theme For A Dream/Here Comes Summer/Blueberry Hill/
We Say Yeah/Lessons In Love (Cliff Richard & Cast)/Temptation/Apron Strings/Don't Be Mad At Me/Where Is My Heart/Thinking Of Our Love/D' In Love/Mumblin' Mosie/Now's The Time To Fall In Love/I Cannot Find A True Love/Got A Funny Feeling/Since I Lost You/
The Shrine On The Second Floor/The Snake And The Bookworm/I Gotta Know/I'll String Along With You/Embraceable You/As Time Goes By/That'll Be The Day (live) .
Disc.3: The Next Time/When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart/I'm Looking Out The Window/It'll Be Me/Sentimental Journey/Spanish Harlem/Blue Moon/Falling In Love With Love/Pointed Toe Shoes/I'm Walkin'/I Don't Know Why (But I Do)/Little Things Mean A Lot/Somewhere Along The Way/That's My Desire/No Turning Back/Nothing's Impossible (Cliff Richard & Cast)/All For One (Cliff Richard & Cast)/Mad About You/
When My Dreamboat Comes In/I'm On My Way/You Don't Know/Who Are We To Say/
Mean Woman Blues/My Blue Heaven/Donna (live) .
Disc. 4: Bachelor Boy/Nine Times Out Of Ten/A Girl Like You/Gee Whiz It's You/What'd I Say/Unchained Melody/I'm Gonna Get You/You And I/Evergreen Tree/She's Gone/
Left Out Again/You're Just The One To Do It/Lamp Of Love/Choppin' And Changin'/
We Have It Made/I Love You So/I'm Willing To Learn/I Don't Know/Working After School/
Poor Boy/Outsider/Tea For Two/Memories Linger On/What Do You Know We've Got A Show (Cliff Richard & Cast)/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On' (live). Delta Records
Hymns And Inspirational Songs (CD) ALD 022
Made In Netherland What A Friend We Have In Jesus/Higher Ground/
Day By Day/The Kind Of Love My Shepherd Is/All Glory Laud & Honour/
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross/Just A Closer Walk With Me/
Take My Hand Precious Lord/Amazing Grace/The Lords My Shepherd
(23rd Psalm)/It Is No Secret/May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You.
Alliance Label
I'm No Hero (CD) CDP 7-52066-2 [CD-FA 3148]
Made In United Kingdom Take Another Look/Anything I Can Do/
A Little In Love/Here [So Dog Gone Blue]/Give A Little Bit More/In The Night/
I'm No Hero/Dreamin/A Heart Will Break/Everyman. Fame Label
I'm No Hero (CD)EMI 5331132
Made In United Kingdom Take Another Look/Anything I Can Do/
A Little In Love/Here [So Dog Gone Blue]/Give A Little Bit More/In The Night/
I'm No Hero/Dreamin/A Heart Will Break/Everyman Bonus Track:
Dynamite/Keep on Looking. EMI Label
 9th July 2001. 
I'm Nearly Famous (CD) CDAX 260069
Made In Australia I Can't Ask For Anymore That You/I'm Nearly Famous/
Lovers/Junior Cowboy/Miss You Nights/I Wish You'd Change Your Mind/
Devil Woman/You've Got To Give Me All Your Lovin/If You Walked Away/
Alright It's Alright. AXIS Records Label 

I'm Nearly Famous (CD) 8329122
Made In Australia I Can't Ask For Anymore That You/It's No Use Pretending/
I'm Nearly Famous/Lovers/Junior Cowboy/Miss You Nights/I Wish You'd
Change Your Mind/ Devil Woman/Such Is The Mystery/You've Got To Give Me All Your Lovin/If You Walked Away/Alright It's Alright. AXIS Records Label 

I'm Nearly Famous  (CD)EMI 5331142
Made In United Kingdom I Can't Ask For Anymore That You/It's No Use Pretending/I'm Nearly Famous/Lovers/Junior Cowboy/Miss You Nights/I Wish You'd Change Your Mind/Devil Woman/Such Is The Mystery/You've Got To
Give Me All Your Lovin/If You Walked Away/Alright It's Alright Bonus Tracks: 
Love Is Enough/Love On (Shine On)/(There's A) Honky Tonk Angel/
Wouldn't You Know It/It's Only Me You've Left Behind/You're The One.
EMI Label 
 9th July 2001. 
In Conversation (CD) BAK 4085
Made In United Kingdom Cliff Richard in Conversation - also released as a CD Clock! Baktabak Label  1st June 1994. 
Talking book It's A Boy! TBO0903
Narrated by TV's Russell Boulter and featuring Sir Cliff Richard. When three quails overhear an angel telling Mary she's going to give birth to the Son of God, they're quite bewildered. Soon afterwards, they're captured by King Herod's bird catcher and thrown into a cage in the palace for fattening up. As three strangers arrive looking for a new King, the quails realise it's Mary's baby they're talking about. Then, to their horror, the birds learn that Herod wants Him dead. The race is on to find Mary and the baby before Herod can carry out his dreadful plan. But first, the quails have to escape from the evil King....
Also contains a full-colour character fact-file The CD of the book,
issued in a DVD-style package and includes Cliff singing the title track "It's A Boy".   More Info.
It's A Small World (CD) MYRCD 1209
Made In United Kingdom Tiny Planet/Small World/Devil Woman/Movin In/
It Has To Be You, It Has To Be Me/La Gonave/I Will Follow You/The Only Way Out/Rock 'n' Roll Juvenile/Where Do We Go From Here. Myrrh Label
Also issued On (CD) ALD 023 Alliance Label
Japan Tour 1974 (CD) EMI 268437-2
Made In United Kingdom Winning/Do You Wanna Dance/(You Keep Me) Hangin On/Medley: Make It Easy On Yourself-The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore/Get Back/Fireside Song/Travellin' Light/Give Me Back That Old Familiar Feeling/Early In The Morning/Take Me High/
Hit Medley: Congratulation-In The Country-Dancing Shoes-The Day I Met Marie-On The Beach-Sing A Song Of Freedom/Constantly/You've Lost That
Lovin' Feeling/Gospel Medley: Jesus-Amazing Grace-Jesus Is My Kind Of People/Don't Talk To Him/Bachelor Boy/Rock Medley: Hits Latest Flame-Chantilly Lace-Bonie Moronie-Do You Wanna Dance-Crocodile Rock-Do You Wanna Dance (2)/Higher Ground/Sing A Song Of Freedom/Visions/
Power To All Our Friends. EMI Label
6th April 2009. 
Just Fabulous Rock N' Roll Songbook (CD) 88985367742
Made In EU Blue Suede Shoes (Cliff Richard & Elvis Presley)/Butterfly/
Sweet Little Sixteen/She's Got It/His Latest Flame/Move It/You Send Me/
Multiplication/Roll Over Beethoven/Dimples/Great Balls of Fire-Whole Lotta Shakin'/Memphis, Tennessee/Cathy's Clown/Keep a Knockin'/It's Better to Dream. Sony Music Records

11 Nov. 2016. 

Issued 2016. (CD) 88985377002. Russia
Let Me Tell You Baby It's Called Rock 'n' Roll  (CD) RCCD 3051
Made In EU
Disc. 1: Live Music from Saturday Club 1958-1960 + Bonus Tracks:
Dynamite/I'm In Love Again/Guitar Boogie (The Drifters)/Dream Lover/Mean Streak/
Driftin' (The Drifters)/Rip It Up/Jet Black (The Drifters)/Living Doll/C'Mon Everbody/
Steady With You/Ready Teddy (Carlin Music)/Apron Strings/Never Mind/Danny/
Don't Bug Me Baby/I'm In Love Again/Gee Whiz, It's You/You're Just The On To Do It/
Apache (The Shadows)/What'd I Say/Where Is My Heart/Quatermassters Stores (The Shadows)/
Please Don't Tease/Hang Up My Rock 'n' Roll Shoes/Move It/My Babe/Baby I Don't Care/
High Class Baby/Baby I Don't Care/Down The Line/Danny/Summertime Blues/Whole Lotta
Shakin' Goin' On.
Disc. 2: Live Music,Introductions,Interviews From Saturday Club 1958-60:
Saturday Jump (Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band. Brian Matthew Introduces
Saturday Club 13th April 1959)/C'Mon Everybody/Cliff Reads A Request/Steady With You/
Brian Matthew Introduction/Ready Teddy/Cliff Reads A Request/Apron Strings/
Brian Matthew Introduction/Never Mind/Cliff Introduction/Danny/Brian Matthew Introduction/
Don't Bug Me Baby/Saturday Jump (Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band Brian Matthew: Programme Ending)/Saturday Day Jump (James) Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band Brian Matthew Introduces Saturday Club 20th June 1959)/Mean Streak/Cliff Introduction/Dream Lover/Brian Matthew Reads A Request/I'm In Love Again/Cliff Introduces The Drifters & A Request/Driftin' (The Drifters)/
Brian Matthew Reads A Request/Rip It Up/Cliff Reads A Request & Introduces (The Drifters)/
Jet Black (The Drifters)/Brian Matthew Talks About Jet Harris/Brian Matthew Reads Requests/
Living Doll/Saturday Jump (James) Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band) Brian Matthew: Programme Ending/Time Signal, Cliff & Jim Dale Introduce Saturday Club In London & Saturday Jump Humphrey Lyttelton & His/Dynamite!/Cliff & Jim Dale Introduction/I'm In Love Again/
Guitar Boogie (The Drifters)/Time Signal & Brian Matthew Introduces Saturday Club 6th August 1960 & Saturday Jump Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band/Gee Whiz, It's You/Brian Matthew Introduction/You're Just The One To Do It/Cliff Introduces The Shadows & Reads Requests/
Apache (The Shadows)/Brian Matthew & Cliff Introduction & Request/What'd I Say/Cliff Reads A Request/Where Is My Heart?/Brian Matthew & Cliff Discuss Photographs & Requests For The Shadows/Quatermassters Stores (The Shadows)/Brian Matthew Introduction & Cliff Reads Requests/Please Don't Tease/Brian Matthew Reads Request, & Programme Ending Saturday Jump Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band/Hang Up My Rock 'n' Roll Shoes. Rollercoaster Records
Live At The Abc Kingston 1962 (CD) EMI 07243 537342 20
Made In EU Apache-Shazam/Shadoogie/Wonderful Land/All My Sorrows/
Quarter To Three/Nivram/Little B/FBI/Do You Wanna Dance/Dim Dim Lights/
My Blue Heaven/Razzle Dazzle/Rovin' Gambler/Save My Soul/
When The Girl In Your Arms/I Gotta Woman/The Young Ones.
Medley: Lessons In Love-Got A Funny Feeling-The Young Ones-We Say Yeah. EMI Label 
1st April 2002.  Also Available As Limited Edition 
Live At The Talk Of The Town (CD)EMI 946-3819692
Made In United Kingdom  Intro:Congratulations/Shout/All My Love/
Aint Nothing But A House Party/Something Good/If I Would Ever Leave You/
Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon/London's Not Too Far/The Dreams I Dream/
The Day I Met Marie/La La La La La/A Taste Of Honey/The Lady Came From Baltimore/When I'm Sixty Four/What's More I Don't Need Her/Bows & Fanfare/
Bonus Track: Wonderful World/Do You Remember/Sound Of The Candyman's Trumpet/
Little Rag Doll.
 Release 12 March 2007. 
Live In Birmingham - 1999  (CD) IMA 104267
Made In EU
Disc. 1: Move It/Living Doll/Rock Around The Clock/Be-Bop-A-Lula/When/
Elvis Medley: Teddy Bear-All Shook Up-Jailhouse Rock/I Believe/The Young Ones/
I'm In Love with You/Needles & Pins/She Loves You/Apache/I'm Nearly Famous/
Miss You Nights/Bright Eyes/We Don't Talk Anymore/Don't Cry for Me Argentina.
Disc. 2: Sci Fi/I Just Don't Have The Heart/Medley: Some People-A Little In Love-Remember Me/It's in Every One Of Us/Mistletoe And Wine/Riders In The Sky/
Can't Keep This Feeling In/Nessun Dorma/I Do Not Love You, Isabella/(Everything I Do)
I Do It For You/Vita Mia/Lucie/Human Work Of Art/Saviour's Day/The Millenium Prayer. 
IMC Music Label
Live On Stage  (CD) ZYX 45052-2
Made In EU
Disc. 1: Living Doll/The Young Ones/Travellin' Light/Dynamite/The Next Time/
Bachelor Boy/Fall In Love With You/Mean Streak/High Class Baby/Do You Wanna Dance/
Little Things Mean A Lot/Theme For A Dream/When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart/We Say Yeah/Please Don't Tease/I Love You/It'll Be Me/A Girl Like You/
Never Mind/Livin' Lovin' Doll.
Disc. 2: Ready Teddy/My Babe/That'll Be The Day/Too Much/Down The Line/I Got A Feeling/Move It/Donna/Apron Strings/Baby I Don't Care/Don't Bug Me Baby/Danny/
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/Blue Suede Shoes/I Gotta Know/Twenty Flight Rock/
I'm Walking/Mean Woman Blues/The Snake And The Bookworm/Pointed Toe Shoes.
Disc. 3: I'm Lookin' Out The Window/School Boy Crush/A Voice In The Wilderness/
Gee Whiz It's You/Steady With You/Nine Times Out Of Ten/Since I Lost You/Blue Moon/
Here Comes Summer/Got A Funny Feeling/The Shrine On The Second Floor/Working
After School/Now's The Time To Fall In Love/Mumblin' Mosie/Don't Be Mad At Me/
Where Is My Heart/Stranger In Town/A Swingin' Affair/Dancing Shoes/Summer Holiday.
DVD: Cliff Richard - Live In BerlinZyx Music Records
Listen To Cliff (CD) 7243 4 95441 2 3
Made In EU (Mono)What'd I Say/Blue Moon/True Love Will Come
To You/ Lover/Unchained Melody/Idle Gossip/First Lesson In Love/
Almost Like Being In Love/Beat Out Dat Rhythm On A Drum/Memories Linger On/Temptation/I Live For You/Sentimental Journey/I Want You To Know/We Kiss In A Shadow/It's You. (2 extra tracks in Stereo)True Love Will Come To You/I Want You To Know EMI Label 
5th June 1998. 
Russia (CD) 8-780 ARSNOVA Label
Netherlands (CD) HALLM 711202 Hallmark Label
United Kingdom (CD) 1204508 Hallmark Label
Bonus Tracks (CD) 600285|D
 Move It (Single A-Side #2)/Schoolboy Crush (Single B-Side)/High Class Baby (Single A-Side #7)/My Feet Hit the Ground (Single B-Side). 
Membran Records
Listen To Cliff/21 Today (CD) 0777780428 26
Made In Austria
Disc. 1: What'd I Say/Blue Moon/True Love Will Come To You/Lover/Unchained Melody/
Idle Gossip/First Lesson In Love/Almost Like Being In Love/Beat Out Dat Rhythm On A Drum/Memories Linger On/Temptation/I Live For You/Sentimental Journey/I Want You To Know/We Kiss In A Shadow/It's You.
Disc. 2: Happy Birthday To You (The Shadows)/Forty Days/Catch Me/How Wonderful To Know/Tough Enough/50 Tears For Every Kiss/The Night Is So Lonely/Poor Boy/Y'arriva/
Outsider/Tea For Two/To Prove My Love For You/Without You/A Mighty Lonely Man/
My Blue Heaven/Shame On You. EMI Label 
 November 1992. 
Listen To Cliff/21 Today (CD) 263468
Made In EU
Listen To Cliff 21 Today
Hoodoo Records Label
Living Doll (CD) LTG 39562
Made In The Czech Republic Living Doll/Travelling Light/A Voice In The Wilderness/Fall In Love With You/Nine Times Out Of Ten/Move It/
Livin' Lovin' Doll/That's My Desire/Schoolboy Crush/Unchained Melody/
Blue Moon/I Love You/I Gotta Know/Here Comes Summer/I'll String Along
With You/Embraceable You/Little Things Mean A Lot/Please Don't Tease/
I'm Walkin/I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)/The Touch Of Your Lips/
As Time Goes By. Digimode Entertaiment Ltd
25th January 2011. 
Love...The Album (CD) 5093702
Made In United Kingdom Waiting For A Girl Like You/It's All In The Game/
Miss You Nights/If You're Not The One/Constantly/The Best Of Me/When I Need You/True Love Ways/The Twelfth Of Never/When You Say Nothing At All/
Ocean Deep/For Life/All Out Of Love/I Still Believe In You/Some People.
EMI Label
 12th November 2007. 
South Africa (CD) CDEMCJ 6407 EMI Label
Russia (CD) 50999 509370 2 8 EMI Label
Love...The Album (CD) LOVECD 101
Same as above. EMI Records
12th November 2007. 
Love...The Album (CD) 7-7989-3999-9
Made In Hong Kong/Singapore/Canada
Disc. 1: Wind Me Up/Blue Turns To Grey/Visions/Time Drags By/In The Country/
It's All Over/The Day I Met Marie/All My Love/Congratulations/Good Times/Big Ship/
Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha/Sing A Song Of Freedom/Power To All Our Friends/
Hanging On/Miss You Nights/Devil Woman/My Kinda Life/We Don't Talk Anymore/Carrie/
Dreamin'/A Little In Love/Wired For Sound/Daddy's Home.
Disc. 2: Thousand Miles To Go/Something's Goin' On/I Will Not Be A Mistake/
Simplicity/Sometimes Love/I Cannot Give You My Love/The Day That I Stop Loving You/
What Car/How Did She Get Here/Field Of Love/For Life/I Don't Wanna Lose You/
Faithful One/I Love You/Move It/Travellin' Light/Fall In Love With You/Ocean Deep/
The Twelfth Of Never/Only You. Universal Music
 2007. Details
Love...The Album (CD) 6-103031-601255
Made In China
Disc. 1: Waiting For A Girl Like You/It's All In The Game/Miss You Nights/If You're
Not The One/Constantly/The Best Of Me/When I Need You/True Love Ways/
The Twelfth Of Never/When You Say Nothing At All/Ocean Deep/For Life/All Out Of Love/
I Still Believe In You/Some People/Ocean Deep/Visions/Evergreen Tree/Butterfly Kisses/
Disc. 2: Move It/High Class Baby/Mean Streak/Living Doll/Travellin' Light/A Voice In
The Wilderness/Fall In Love With You/Please Don't Tease/Nine Times Out Of Ten/
I Love You/Theme For A Dream/Gee Whiz It's You/A Girl Like You/When The Girl In Your Arms/The Young Ones/Do You Want To Dance/I'm Looking Out The Window/It'll Be Me/
The Next Time/Bachelor Boy/Summer Holiday/Lucky Lips/It's All In The Game/
Don't Talk To Him/I'm The Lonely One/Constantly/On The Beach/The Twelfth Of Never/
I Could Easily Fall/The Minute You're Gone/On My Word. Universal Music
 2007. Details
Love Is Forever/Good News (CD) 5410852
Made In United Kingdom Love Is Forever Everyone Needs Someone
To Love/Long Ago And Far Away/All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings/
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You/Fly Me To The Moon/A Summer Place/
I Found A Rose/My Foolish Heart/Throught The Eyes Of A Needle/
My Colouring Book/I Walk Alone/Someday (You'll Want Me To Love You)/
Paradise Lost/Look Homeward Angel.
Good News Good News/It Is No Secret/We Shall Be Thee/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/
All Glory Laud And Honour/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/The King Of Love My Shepherd Is/
Mary What You Gonna Name That Pretty Little Baby/When I Survey The Wondrous Cross/
Take My Hand Precious Lord/Get On Board Little Children/May The Good Lord Bless & Keep You. 
EMI Label
 31st August 2002. 
Love Is Forever/Kinda Latin (CD) 0777780432/2
Made In Austria
Disc. 1: Everyone Needs Someone To Love/Long Ago & Far Away/My Heart Sings/
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You/Fly Me To The Moon/Theme From A Summer Place/I Found A Rose/My Foolish Heart/Through The Eye Of A Needle/My Colouring Book/I'll Walk Alone/Someday/Paradise Lost/Look Homeward Angel.
Disc. 2:  Blame It On The Bossa Nova/Blowin In The Wind/Quiet Nights & Quiet Stars/
Eso Beso/The Girl From Ipanama/One Note Samba/Fly Me To The Moon/Our Day Will Come/Quando Quando Quando/Come Closer To Me/Meditation/Concrete & Clay. 
EMI Label
 November 1992. 
Love Songs (CD) CDP 7-48049-2.
Made In United Kingdom Miss You Nights/Constantly/Up In The World/
Carrie/A Voice In The Wilderness/The Twelfth Of Never/I Could Easily Fall
(In Love With You)/The Day I Met Marie/Can't Take The Hurt Anymore/
A Little In Love/The Minute You're Gone/Visions/When Two Worlds Drift Apart/
The Next Time/It's All In The Game/Don't Talk To Him/When The Girl In Your Arms/Theme For A Dream/Fall In Love With You/We Don't Talk Anymore. 
EMI Label





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