Vol. 1
Milestones Of A Legend (CD) MEMB600296
Made In EEC 9 Original Albums & Bonus Tracks
1. Cliff 6. The Young Ones
2. Cliff Sings 7. 32 Minutes And 17 Seconds
3. Me And My Shadows 8. The Shadows
4. Listen To Cliff 9. Out Of The Shadows
5. 21 Today  
10. The Shadows Bonus Tracks (CD) 600285|J
Shotgun (From EP The Shadows)/The Theme From Giant (From EP The Shadows)/F. B. I. (Single A-Side # 4)/
Midnight (Single B-Side)/The Frightened City (Single A-Side # 3)/Back Home (Single B-Side)/Kon-Tiki
(Single A-Side # 3)/36-24-36 (Single B-Side)/The Savage (Single A-Side # 9)/Peace Pipe (Single B-Side)/
Wonderful Land (Single A-Side # 1)/Stars Fell On Stockton (Single B-Side)/Guitar Tango (Single A-Side # 4)/
What a Lovely Tune (Single B-Side)/The Theme from "The Boys" (From EP "The Boys" )/The Girls
(From EP "The Boys" )/Sweet Dreams (From EP "The Boys" )/The Boys (From EP "The Boys" )/Dance On
(Single A-Side # 1)/All Day (Single)Membran Records
Six-Five Special Jack Goods Oh Boy!
Six-Five Special Jack Goods Oh Boy!
The Rock & Roll Years From 1958-1963
(CD) JASCD 523
(CD) CVC 1008
(CD) 161374808213
The Rock & Roll Years
(CD) GO6CD7180 / 5 051255 718023
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